Hawks D vs. Top 8 NFL Defenses in Asset Expenditure


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Nov 3, 2013
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Good post. There's no doubt whatsoever that the Hawks have not gotten an even decent ROI on either the trades they've made, picks they've made, FA signings they've made for their defense. PC is supposed to be a defensive coach, and he's either failed to evaluate talent properly, failed to coach whatever talent he had into respectability, or made short-sighted moves under the misbelief that the team was *just* a missing piece away from contending again.

I've been a fan for a long time, and I have a real hard time figuring out where to fairly apportion the blame. But PC is at the very top of the food chain. We all know that. And the buck stops there.

I was willing to give this great coach one more shot at redemption these last two years and productive drafts. But they've underperformed this year in such a way that I've finally thrown in the towel.

We need fresh blood, new leadership, a change of direction. It's as clear as day to me.
When you are 73 years old, you are trying to fix things right now. You reach for the longshots, instead of slow and steady growth. THAT is the way to be a losing or mediocre team, year after year.