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A question about yer avatar: why Grizzly Adams?

I've idly wondered on a few occasions if Mad Jack's mule "Number Seven" was named for Jack Daniel's Old No. 7, but I just looked up the dates and it doesn't work. The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams is set in the 1850s and JD Ol' #7 was created in 1876.
Glad to see my liberal buddy back on the forum :) On a serious note how is life? Still coaching? My kids just graduated so that stage is over for me. I may work with some summer conditioning stuff for athletes as a side business, still not sure if its worth the time and energy. Hope all is well man.
Aros - Hopefully, you can help resolve an issue. I sent a private message to Admin Chris re fenderbender123's libelous post in the thread "Committee schedules a meeting...". He has since deleted it but continues to post similar libelous posts in the same thread. Also, somehow JustTheTip was able to access my message to Chris and post it on the same thread. How is that possible?
I would just let Chris be aware that he continues to post libelous posts and if it continues regardless let me know. I am not at all sure why JusTheTip was able to access your private message. It's likely that this new software has a bug where non-public forums and messages may still be viewable to others. Please bring that to the new owner's attention. Good luck!
I can see these messages, too.

You're not private messaging these individuals, you're publicly posting on their member-facing profiles. They show up on the sidebar of the website.
Thanks, I know that now. Live and learn.
Chris - In the thread, "Committee schedules a meeting for tomorrow...", member fenderbender123 made a libelous statement about me (see post #159). I reported that post a couple of day ago and yet it remains in place. I would rather avoid taking legal action against him, but if it were deleted asap and fenderbender123 warned not do so again, I would avoid legal action. Can/will you help?

TIA, Dave.