2022 Seahawks Depth Chart and Roster Moves


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2022 Depth Chart, Roster Moves, Cap ,

NOTE: This thread is now out of date and can be unstickied and allowed to pass into history.

The team usually makes close to 300 roster moves/season (last year 329); the depth chart changes as injuries happen and/or players are added or subtracted as needed. I believe having a depth chart here is a good addition to the main board page so when the team changes players, knowing their player numbers, their names, and positional information is a good thing to be able to quickly refer to here without leaving the site. JS likes to churn the roster a bit to help the competitive situations at various positions.

Here below is a current depth chart. I will record each transaction in and out as they happen. This depth chart is just my opinion, feel free to comment or suggest changes. Comments here are welcomed, this thread is supposed to be informative but also to encourage roster discussion. The plan is to record all forthcoming roster moves and to adjust the DC as the roster changes are made.

Please advise here of any changes as they happen. The usual dependable members always assist but everyone should feel completely free to report changes to the roster here when they happen. Be careful as sometimes the media gets the story wrong, or the source proves unreliable. All assistance is greatly appreciated and allows us to have an accurate and up to date DC here. I will attempt to keep this depth chart current quickly after all changes, PS designations, waivers, cuts, additions, players claimed, PUP, or injury designations, etc.. I will also attempt to keep it current throughout the season by indicating what the roster moves were after they happen. This sometimes involves a delay, sometimes life intervenes, and the delay may result in the update being slower to happen. However, I will make every effort to keep this page current. This hopefully will be a complete record.

I will also update the presently available cap number on a weekly basis, or as quickly as information can be obtained from https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/seattle-seahawks/. Their number can also be seen at the bottom of this page.

Here is the roster from Seahawks.com: http://www.seahawks.com/team/roster

Here is a link to the team’s coaching staff from the team’s website: https://www.seahawks.com/team/coaches-roster/

Here also a DC from the team: http://www.seahawks.com/team/depth-chart

Here as well is the transactions report from the team: https://www.seahawks.com/team/transactions/ This page is usually out of date.

Color Codes

- (White) Player already on team from last season, or added with futures deal (F) before FA or the draft

- (Green) Players from the team who were UFAs (U), RFAs (R), or ERFAs (E) in 2021

- (Italics) Note:Player who are on 1 yr. deals, or in the last year of their present deal (as italicized). Where a player is from the outside the player may also have an appropriately colored designation.

- (Red) Player added in FA or claimed as a FA or as a veteran waived player

- (Blue) Player added in Draft

- (Electric Green) UDFA player added after the draft

- (Underlined) Player renewed before/after contract expired

- (Yellow) Player acquired by trade

PRESENT ROSTER players under contract or likely to be


QB- 7- Geno Smith (U), 2- Drew Lock (U),

RB- 9- Kenneth Walker III, 31- DeeJay Dallas, 34- Godwin Igwebuike, 34- Tony Jones Jr., (R), (E), 36- Darwin Thompson (F),

FB- 44- Nick Bellore (ST Capn.), (NOTE: is also an (ILB), (U),

WR- 14- D.K. Metcalf, 19- Penny Hart, (R), 88- Cade Johnson (F), 18- Laquon Treadwell, (U)81- Connor Wedington (F), 86- Easop Winston (F),

WR- 16- Tyler Lockett, (O Capn.), 83- Dareke Young,

LT- 67- Charles Cross, 74- Jalen McKenzie (F),

LG- 68- Damien Lewis,

OC- 63- Austin Blythe, (U), 87- Kyle Fuller , (U), 62- Joey Hunt, (F),

RG- 65 - Gabe Jackson,60- Phil Haynes, (U) , 75 - Greg Elland (F),

RT- 72- Abraham Lucas, 74- Jake Curhan, 78- Stone Forsythe,

TE- 88 - Noah Fant, 89- Will Dissly, (IR), 84- Colby Parkinson, 85- Tyler Mabry,


DE/DT- 93 - Shelby Harris, 77- Quinton Jefferson, 91- LJ Collier, (U)

NT- 99- Al Woods, (D Capn.), 90- Bryan Mone, (IR), 62- Jarrod Hewitt (F),

DE/DT- 97- Poona Ford, (U), 95- Myles Adams, (E),

OLB/EDGE- 10- Uchenna Nwosu, 51- Bruce Irvin, (U), 52- Daryl Taylor, 53- Boye Mafe, 49- Josh Onujiogu, 92- Tyreke Smith (IR), 98- Alton Robinson, (IR),

ILB- 57- Cody Barton, (U), 50- Levi ‘Vi’ Jones, 48- Chris Garrett (F),

- 56- Jordyn Brooks, (IR), 58- Tanner Muse, (R), 59- Jon Rhattigan, (E),

RCB- 27- Tariq Woolen, 22- Tre Brown, 28- Justin Coleman, (U), 24- Isaiah Dunn, (IR),

LCB- 30- Mike Jackson Sr. (E), 8- Coby Bryant, 21- Artie Burns, (U), 47- Chris Steele (F),

FS- 6 - Quandre Diggs (D Capn.), 35- Joey Blount, (IR),

SS- 26- Ryan Neal, (R), 39- Teez Tabor, (U), 33- Jamal Adams, (IR),


PK- 5- Jason Myers, renewed before contract expired,

P- 4- Michael Dickson,

LS- 46- Carson Tinker, (U), 69- Tyler Ott, (IR), (U),

TOTAL = -70- (90 allowed)
NOTE: OLB-Aaron Donkor is exempt from roster calculation as an NFL International Player Pathway Program player.

PRACTICE SQUAD (16) available with 6 veteran players allowed), same call-up and protection rules as last season.
3. open spots have been signed to Futures contracts,

INJURED RESERVE (IR), (IRr) = Injured Reserve returnable, PUP (PUP), WAIVED INJURED (WI), INJURED RESERVED DESIGNATED RECALL (IRDR), Non-football Injury (NFI), Reserve Did Not Report (RDNR), COVID opt out (CO), COVID Reserve (COR), Suspended/Commissioner's exempt/suspended list (SUS)

1. OT- 70- Liam Ryan, (PUP), now activated, (W), PS, (C)
2. CB- 22- Tre Brown, reserve (PUP), designated for return to practice 26/10/22, d.n. count against roster for 3 weeks then decision to put on IR or return to the roster must be made. Activated from PUP ->53 15/11/22,
3. ILB- 59- Jon Rhattigan reserve (PUP), returned to practice 22/11/22, ->53 07/12/22,
4. Rush End/OLB- 92- Tyreke Smith (PUP) activated to 90 man roster 1/8/22, (IR)
5. LB- Ben Burr-Kirven (WI), reverts to IR
6. WR- 11- Cody Thompson (F), (IR), (E),
7. DE/DT- 91- LJ Collier, (IR), 05/10/22 returned to practice, d.n. count against roster for 3 weeks then decision to keep on IR or return to the roster must be made, activated to 53 man roster on 26/10/22,
8. OLB/DE- 98- Alton Robinson, (IR),
9. SS- 33- Jamal Adams, (IR)
10. LS- 69- Tyler Ott, (IR), (U),
11. RB- 25- Travis Homer, (IR), 25/10/22 returned to practice, d.n. count against roster for 3 weeks then decision to keep on IR or return to the roster must be made, activated
->53, (IR), (U),
12. OLB/DE- 40-
Darryl Johnson, (IR), (U),
13. RB- 20-
Rashaad Penny, (IR), (U),
14. CB- 24-
Isaiah Dunn, (IR), designated to return to practice 28/12/22,
15. ILB- 41-
Cullen Gillaspia, (IR), (U),
16. WR- 1- D'Wayne Eskridge, (IR), 10/01/23 designated returned to practice,
17. FS- 13-
Josh Jones, (IR), (U)
18. NT- 90- Bryan Mone, (IR),
19. TE- 89- Will Dissly, (IR),
20. FS- 35- Joey Blount, (IR)
21. WR- 15- Marquise Goodwin, (IR), (U)
22. ILB- 56- Jordyn Brooks, (IR),

Traded, Cut/Released (C), Waived (W), Waived Injured (WI), Waived w. Injury Settlement(WIS), Retired (Ret)
(several players may have multiple moves)
1. QB- 3- Russell Wilson (O Captain), traded to Denver along with a 4th rd. pick -'22 in return for 2 1st rd. picks ('22 &'23), 2- 2nd rd. picks ('22 & '23), a 5th rd. pick ('22) and 3 players QB- Drew Lock, TE- Noah Fant, and DT- Shelby Harris,
2. MLB- 54- Bobby Wagner (D Captain), released for cap reasons, -> LA Rams, terms u/k,
3. DE- 95- Benson Mayowa, released for cap reasons,
4. DE- 8- Carlos Dunlap, released for cap reasons, -> KC, terms u/k
5. DE- 51- Kerry Hyder, released for cap reasons,
6. DT- 79- Niles Scott (F), (W)
7. WR/DB- 37- Matt Cole (F), (W)
8. WR- 82- Demetris Robertson, (W)
9. WR- 86- Jake Herslow, (W)
10. TE/WR- 48- John Mitchell, (W)
11. QB- 15- Levi Lewis, (W)
12. DE/OLB- 58- Alex Tchangam (F), (W)
13. OG- 62- Pier-Olivier Lestage (F), (W)
14. RB- 32- Chris Carson, Released (failed physical), Retired, initial cap savings of $4,600,000 before injury settlement deducted.
15. SOLB- 55- Ben Burr-Kirven, Released (failed physical), NOTE: technically he was waived injured (WI) and hasn't been claimed so he will revert to IR, (WI),-> (IR)
16. OLB- 50- KJ Wright, (Ret)
17. OG- 54- JR Sweezy, (Ret)
18. TE 48- Jake Hausmann, (W)
19. OG- 62- Keenan Forbes, (W)
20. DB/CB- 28- Ugochukwu Amadi, traded to Philly for WR- JJ- Artega-Whiteside,
21. CB- 38- Joshua Valentine-Turner, (W)
22. DT- 76- Antonio Valentino, (W)
23. OG- 79- Eric Wilson, (W)
24. WR- 82- Deontez Alexander, (W)
25. OLB- 51- Joel Iyiegbuniwe, (W)
26. SS- 36- Bubba Bolden, (W)
27. TE- 47- Cade Brewer, (W), re-signed 23/8/22
28. CB- 37- Elijah Jones, (W)
29. DT- 73- Matthew Gotel, (W)
30. OG- 65- Shamarious Gilmore, (W)
31. RB- 38- Ronnie Rivers, (W)
32. TE- 47- Cade Brewer, (W)
33. CB- 32- Jameson Houston, (W)
34. LB- 43- Aaron Donkor (F), (W), , re-signed to PS NOTE: this player can be added back to the PS without being counted against the 16 man limit.
35. OC/G- 64- Dakota Shepley, (W)
36. FS- 41- Scott Nelson, (W), re-signed to PS, (W), (PS), (W), (PS), (W),
37. TE- 85- Tyler Mabry (F), (W), re-signed to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, signed to 53
38. WR- 18- Freddie Swain, (W)
39. WR- 17- Aaron Fuller (F), (W)
40. ILB- 58- Tanner Muse, (W), re-signed to PS,->53, ->PS, ->53,
41. FS- 27- Marquise Blair, (W)
42. CB- 24- Justin Coleman, (C), re-signed to 53
43. WR- 82- JJ Arcega-Whiteside, (W), re-signed to PS, (C)
44. ILB- 48- Joel Dublanko, (W)
45. QB- 17- Jacob Eason, (W)
46. OT/G- 75 - Greg Elland (F), (W), , re-signed to PS
47. DT- 62- Jarrod Hewitt (F), (W), re-signed to PS, (C), re-signed to PS,
48. WR- 88- Cade Johnson (F), (W), re-signed to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, -> 53, *
49. ILB- 50- Levi ‘Vi’ Jones, (W), re-signed to PS
50. WR- 86- Kevin Kassis, (W), re-signed to PS, (C), re-signed to PS, (C),
51. WR- 81- Bo Melton, (W), re-signed to PS, claimed from PS by the Packers on 27/12/22
52. OT- 70- Liam Ryan, (W), re-signed to PS, (W),
53. RB- 36- Darwin Thompson (F), (W), , re-signed to PS
54. ILB- 47- Lakiem Williams (F), (W)
55. FS- 40- Deontai Williams, (W)
56. RB- 34- Josh Johnson, (WI)
57. OLB/DE- 49- Josh Onujiogu, (W), ->PS
58. CB- 32- Quandre Mosley, (W)
59. CB- 37- Xavier Crawford, (PS), ->53, reverts to (PS), ->53, (W), re-signed ->PS,
60. DE- 92- Jabari Zuniga, (W),
61. CB- 35- John Reid, (IR), (W),
62. LB- 48- Christian Jones, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, (C)
63. RB- 34- Godwin Igwebuike, (PS), (C), re-signed to the PS, ->53,
64. CB- 23- Sidney Jones IV, (W),
65. RB- 29- Wayne Gallman, (C), re-signed to the PS,
66. WR-u/k- Jaylen Smith, (C)
67. RB- 34- Tony Jones Jr., (W), re-signed to PS,
68. DT- 94- Daviyon Nelson, (W)
69. WR- 81- Bo Melton, claimed off the PS by GB,
70. DT- 94- Isaiah Mack, (W), claimed off waivers by the Jets,


Unrestricted Free Agents


QB- 7- Geno Smith (U),
QB- 2- Drew Lock (U),
RB- 20- Rashaad Penny, (IR), (U),
RB- 25- Travis Homer, (IR), (U),
FB- 44- Nick Bellore (ST Capn.), (NOTE: is also an (ILB), (U),
WR- 15- Marquise Goodwin, (IR), (U),

WR- 18- Laquon Treadwell, (U)
OG- 60- Phil Haynes, (U)
OC- 63- Austin Blythe, (U)
OC- 87- Kyle Fuller , (U),
QB- 17- Sean Mannion, PS (U)
RB- 29- Wayne Gallman, PS (U)

TE- 48- Jacob Hollister, PS (U)
LS- 46- Carson Tinker, (U),
LS- 69- Tyler Ott, (IR), (U),

DE/DT- 91- LJ Collier, (U)
DT- 97- Poona Ford, (U),
Edge- 40- Darryl Johnson, (IR), (U),
Edge- 51- Bruce Irvin, (U),
ILB- 41- Cullen Gillaspia, (IR), (U),

ILB- 57- Cody Barton, (U),
CB- 21- Artie Burns, (U),
CB- 37- Xavier Crawford, (U),
CB- 28- Justin Coleman, (U),
FS- 13- Josh Jones, (IR), (U),
SS- 39- Teez Tabor, (U),
FS- 42- Steven Parker, (U)

-Restricted Free Agents

RB- 34- Tony Jones Jr., (R),
WR 19- Penny Hart, (R),

ILB- 58- Tanner Muse, (R),
SS- 26- Ryan Neal, (R),

-Exclusive Rights Free Agents The team has numerous ERFAs which could be counted as signed as no other team can sign them until the team elects not to re-sign them.

NOTE: to be listed though I'd expect the team to sign each of the ERFA players as they are cheap but known to the team
RB- 34- Godwin Igwebuike, (E),
WR- 11- Cody Thompson (IR), (E),

NOTE: to be listed though I'd expect the team to sign each of the ERFA players as they are cheap but known to the team
DT- 95- Myles Adams, (E),
CB- 30- Mike Jackson Sr. (E),
ILB- 43- Aaron Donkor,

Street Free Agent

Players Drafted (presently 9 picks)

Round 1 (1)
Pick #9- LT- u/k- Charles Cross, Miss. St., rec'd from Denver in Wilson trade, signed, (->53)
Pick #10- traded to Jets for Jamal Adams

Round 2 (2)
Pick #40- DE/OLB- Boye Mafe, Minnesota rec'd from Denver in Wilson trade, signed, (->53)
Pick #41- RB- Kenneth Walker III, Michigan St., signed, (->53)

Round 3 (1)
Pick #72- OT- Abraham Lucas , Washington St., signed, (->53)

Round 4 (1)
Pick #109- CB- Coby Bryant, Cincie, rec'd from Jets as part of the Adams trade, signed, (->53)
Pick #115- traded to Denver in Wilson trade,

Round 5 (2)
Pick #145- rec'd from Denver in Wilson trade, traded to KC for Picks #158 & #233
Pick #153- CB- Tariq Woolen, UTSA, signed, (->53)
Pick #158- DE/OLB- Tyreke Smith, OSU, Pick rec'd from KC for Pick #145, signed, terms u/k (->IR)

Round 6 (0)

Round 7 (2)
Pick #229- WR- Bo Melton, Rutgers, signed, terms u/k , (W), (->PS), claimed from PS by the Packers
Pick #233- WR- Dareke Young, Lenoir-Rhyne, rec'd from KC for Pick #145, signed, terms u/k (->53)(IR)


Unrestricted Free Agents

RB- 36- Darwin Thompson (F)
CB- 9- Artie Burns, 1yr/ $2 mil
OLB/DE- 10- Uchenna Nwosu, 2 yr's /$20 mil/$10.5 mil gtd.
OC- 63- Austin Blythe, 1 yr. $4 mil
DT/DE- 77- Quinton Jefferson, 2 yrs./$9.5 mil
CB- 24- Justin Coleman, 1 yr./ $1,120,000/$152,500 SB/cap charge 1,047,500
OLB- 51- Joel Iyiegbuniwe, one-year, $1.1875M/ $1525k SB. (W)
WR- 82- Deontez Alexander, terms u/k
WR- 15-
Marquise Goodwin, terms u/k
OLB- 50-
KJ Wright, signed 1 day contract to retire as a Seahawks player
OG-62- Keenan Forbes, terms u/k
TE- 48- Jake Hausmann, terms u/k
OG- 79- Eric Wilson. terms u/k
OG- 54- JR Sweezy, signed 1 day contract to retire as a Seahawks player,
CB- 32- Jameson Houston, terms u/k
CB- 24- Isaiah Dunn, on waivers from Jets
DE- 40- Darryl Johnson, on waivers from Falcons.
OT- 74- Jalen McKenzie, on waivers from Titans (PS),
CB- 37- Xavier Crawford, on waivers from Bears (PS), -> 53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, (W), (PS), ->53
DE- 92- Jabari Zuniga, on waivers from Jets (PS), (W),
QB- 17- Sean Mannion, from Vikings (PS)
LS - 46- Carson Tinker, last with Las Vegas (PS), ->53, ->PS, ->53,
SS- 39- Teez Tabor, from Falcon’s PS, ->53,
ILB- 48- Christian Jones, last with the Bears, ->(PS), ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, (C),
RB- 34- Godwin Igebuike, last with the Lions, ->(PS), (C), PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53
FB- 42- Cullen Gillaspia, last with the Giants, ->(PS), ->53, reverts to PS, ->53
OC/G- 62- Joey Hunt, ->PS
RB-34- Tony Jones Jr., off waivers from NO, ->PS, ->53,
OLB- 51- Bruce Irvin, (PS), last with Bears, ->PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, elevated to 53 for balance of season
WR- 86- Easop Winston, (PS), last with NO, ->PS,
LB- 47- Alexander Johnson, last with Denver, ->PS,
WR- 18- Laquon Treadwell, last with AZ, ->PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53,
SS- 24- Jonathan Abram, waiver claim from Packers,
RB- 29- Wayne Gallman, (C), re-signed to PS,
WR- N/A- Jaylen Smith, ->PS, (C),
NT- 94- Daviyon Nixon, last with Carolina, (W),
NT- 94- Isaiah Mack, off waivers from Baltimore,
TE- 48- Jacob Hollister, ->PS, last with the Raiders,
CB- 47- Chris Steele, ->PS,
WR- 81- Connor Wedington, -> PS,
LB- 48- Chris Garrett, -> PS,

Undrafted Free Agents
QB- Levi Lewis, Louisiana-Lafayette, (W)
OG- Shamarious Gilmore, G.Tech, (W)
TE- John Mitchell, Fl. Atlantic, (W)
WR- Demetris Robertson, Auburn, (W)
TE- Cade Brewer, Texas, (W)
WR- Jake Herslow, Houston, (W)
DE- Josh Onujiogu, Farmington St. (53), (W), ->PS, ->53, reverts to PS, signed to 53,
DL- Matthew Gotel, W. Florida, (W)
LB- Levi ‘Vi’ Jones, Carolina St. (W) (PS),->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53, reverts to PS, ->53
DB- Joshua Valentine-Turner, Fl. International, (W)
S- Deontai Williams, Nebraska (W)
S- Joey Blount, Virginia, (53)
S- Bubba Bolden, Miami, (W)
S- Scott Nelson, Wisconsin (W)
Kevin Kassis, Montana St. (W), ->PS,
Elijah Jones, Oregon SU (W)
Liam Ryan, WASU, (W), (PS), (W)
Antonio Valentino, Fla, via NYG, (W)
Joel Dublanko, Cincinnati via New Orleans (W)
RB- Ronnie Rivers, Fresno St. (W)
CB- Quandre Mosley, Kentucky, (PS), (W)

Players obtained via Trade
QB- Drew Lock, rec'd in Wilson trade,
TE- Noah Fant, rec'd in Wilson trade, team exercized his 5th yr. option.
DT- Shelby Harris, rec'd in Wilson trade,
WR- JJ Arcega-Whiteside, rec'd for DB- Ugo Amadi in trade with the Eagles (W), (PS), (C),

= -314- since the beginning of free agency which for this thread is the Super Bowl

Present Available Cap Number for 2022 as per OTC.com = $2,157,362


As well here is a CAP calculator for NFL teams for creating 'what if' scenarios.
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Here are some relevant dates for the preseason:

https://operations.nfl.com/gameday/nfl- ... nfl-dates/

Mar. 1-7 NFL Scouting Combine, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Mar. 8 Prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, deadline for clubs to designate Franchise or Transition Players.
Mar. 14-16 During the period beginning at 12:00 noon, New York time, on March 14 and ending at 3:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 16, clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into contract negotiations with, the certified agents of players who will become unrestricted free agents upon the expiration of their 2021 player contracts at 4:00 p.m., New York time, on March 16.
During the above two-day negotiating period, a prospective UFA who is not represented by an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor is permitted to communicate directly with a new club’s front office officials (excluding the head coach and other members of the club’s coaching staff) regarding contract negotiations.
No prospective unrestricted free agent is permitted to execute a contract with a new club until 4:00 p.m., New York time, on March 16.
Mar. 16 The 2022 League Year and Free Agency period begin at 4:00 p.m., New York time.
The first day of the 2022 League Year will end at 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 16. Clubs will receive a Personnel Notice that will include all transactions submitted to the League office during the period between 4:00 p.m., New York time, and 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on March 16.
Mar. 16 Trading period for 2022 begins at 4:00 p.m., New York time, after expiration of all 2021 contracts.
Mar. 27-30 Annual League Meeting, The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida.
April 4 Clubs that hired a new head coach after the end of the 2021 regular season may begin offseason workout programs.
April 18 Clubs with returning head coaches may begin offseason workout programs
April 20 Deadline to bring draft-eligible players to their facilities for a physical examination.
April 22 Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets.
April 27 Deadline for prior club to exercise Right of First Refusal to restricted free agents.
April 27 Deadline to time, test, and interview draft-eligible players.
April 28-30 NFL Draft, Las Vegas, Nevada.
May 6-8 Rookie minicamp

May 23, May 25-26, May 31, June 2-3, June 6-9, Voluntary OTAs
June 14-16, Mandatory minicamp
July 28-Aug 19, Seahawks Training Camp
August 16: first round of cuts 90 to 85 players by 4 p.m. ET
August 23: 2nd round of cuts 85 to 80 players by 4 p.m. ET
August 30: final cuts 80 to 53 players by 4 p.m. ET
August 31: Claiming period for waived players ends @12 p.m. ET
August 31: Teams can begin naming PS @12 p.m ET
November 1: NFL trade deadline @4 p.m. ET
Wild-card rounds: Jan. 14-16, 2023
Divisional playoffs: Jan. 21-22, 2023
AFC-NFC Conference championships: Jan. 29, 2023
Pro Bowl: February 5, 2023
Super Bowl LVI: Feb. 12, 2023
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Ad Hawk

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The labour of love continues!

Thank you so much, Jammer (Jville and others) for your dedication to this work.


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No problem my friend!

We are mostly all here dedicated fans of the team. This thread is truly a team effort.

The others besides the ever reliable Jville, Kitsap Guy, and Hawkstorian. But everyone is welcome and encouraged to post as they observe roster changes being made. Don’t be shy, we even try to answer questions to the best of our abilities, and my partners here are pretty football and cap smart folks. There were several very useful contributions by other members of the board as well, the party is more fun with more participants.


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Oct 16, 2009
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The official beginning of the .Net off season lol.

This is always some impressive work.


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Interestingly the number of hits on the thread was only 27,000 plus this last season while the previous year it was 40,000 plus and there were more roster moves due to COVID reserve placements/ reinstatements this last year.

I guess the losing season dimmed thread interest a good bit.


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No problem JayHawk, we all know you are a hardcore fan of the team regardless of our differing views from time to time.

I agree pure news is best here.


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This is my go to the rad for any real news regarding the Seahawks. If something happens transaction wise I know I’ll find it here. Thanks for the due diligence in keeping this up to date. Cheers to the beginning of the 2022 season happenings!


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With 2 years of service, Thompson's 2022 is salary is most likely the minimum of $895,000. This would reduce our available cap by $190,000 as it would replace one of our 1st year minimum salaries ($705,000) in the top 51 contracts.

For those interested, the minimum salaries for 2022 are as follows:

0 Vested Yr- $705,000
1 Vested Yr - $825,000
2 Vested Yr - $895,000
3 Vested Yr - $965,000
4 - 6 Vested Yrs - $1,035,000
7 + Vested Yrs - $1,120,000


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Josh Jones, Ryan Izzo and Edmund Robinson (along with Adrian Peterson) are technically street free agents right now, as they ended the season on the practice squad and haven't been re-signed. The only real difference between a SFA and a UFA is they could sign anywhere right now. UFAs can't sign with another team until the start of official free agency.


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Thanks John, wondered about that after the season ended and finally moved them to the UFA category. I'll fix that.

I think Ryan Izzo was picked up by the Titans from the PS just before the end of the season. He is on that team now.

I'll move Josh Jones and Edmond Robinson to the right category.



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Yeah --- after I posted that I double checked and saw that Izzo went to Tennesee, so you're correct he's off our books.


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Mar 5, 2007
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No worries, it’s not like Izzy did much here except get COVID. He was another high potential player that didn’t demonstrate that potential while here.


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Mar 5, 2007
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Perhaps my friend, perhaps. The QB situation to my thinking is far from being sorted out yet. There will for sure be many interesting changes that will upset some and encourage a view that the FO is trying to move in a fresh direction.

OTOH though the team has been fairly constant at about + or - close to 300 roster moves a year; so while that involves lots of roster change action at key points of the season and offseason it's pretty consistently close to 300 historically and has been so for quite a few seasons now.


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Sep 5, 2016
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Is the available cap number above based on the 2022 number of 208.2 million?


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Mar 5, 2007
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Yes basically, but it is more complicated than that as carry forward in the amount approved by the individual team is factored along with the various intangibles of bonuses likely to be earned, those earned though unlikely, and other cap esoterica.

The team has a very large amount of available cap for FA this season and has normally been users of their available cap instead of hoarders like the Bengals used to be.and some other teams are presently.

The FO is up to either being FA players or they are preparing to make another major offseason move.
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