2021 Seahawks Depth Chart, Roster Moves, Cap Position


Mar 5, 2007
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2021 Depth Chart, Roster Moves, Cap Position

NOTE : This thread is now going to be unstickied and allowed to pass into history.

The team usually makes close to 300 roster moves/season ( last year 298 ); the depth chart changes as injuries happen and/or players are added or subtracted as needed. I believe having a depth chart here is a good addition to the main board page so when the team changes players, knowing their player numbers, their names, and positional information is a good thing to be able to quickly refer to here without leaving the site. JS likes to churn the roster a bit to help the competitive situations at various positions.

Here below is a current depth chart. I will record each transaction in and out as they happen. This depth chart is just my opinion, feel free to comment or suggest changes. Comments here are welcomed, this thread is supposed to be informative but also to encourage roster discussion. The plan is to record all forthcoming roster moves and to adjust the DC as the roster changes are made.

Please advise here of any changes as they happen. The usual dependable members always assist but everyone should feel completely free to report changes to the roster here when they happen. Be careful as sometimes the media gets the story wrong, or the source proves unreliable. All assistance is greatly appreciated and allows us to have an accurate and up to date DC here. I will attempt to keep this depth chart current quickly after all changes, PS designations, waivers, cuts, additions, players claimed, PUP, or injury designations, etc.. I will also attempt to keep it current throughout the season by indicating what the roster moves were after they happen. This sometimes involves a delay, sometimes life intervenes, and the delay may result in the update being slower to happen. However, I will make every effort to keep this page current. This hopefully will be a complete record.

I will also update the presently available cap number on a weekly basis, or as quickly as information can be obtained from https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/seattle-seahawks/. Their number can also be seen at the bottom of this page.

Here is the roster from Seahawks.com: http://www.seahawks.com/team/roster

Here is a link to the team’s coaching staff from the team’s website: https://www.seahawks.com/team/coaches-roster/

Here also a DC from the team: http://www.seahawks.com/team/depth-chart It's not usually posted until after training camp.

Here as well is the transactions report from the team: https://www.seahawks.com/team/transactions/

Color Codes

- (White) Player already on team from last season, or added with futures deal (F) before FA or the draft

- (Green) Players from the team who were UFAs (U), RFAs (R), or ERFAs (E) in 2021

- (Italics) Note:Player who are on 1 yr. deals, or in the last year of their present deal (as italicized). Where a player is from the outside the player may also have an appropriately colored designation.

- (Red) Player added in FA or claimed as a FA or as a veteran waived player

- (Blue) Player added in Draft

- (Electric Green) UDFA player added after the draft

- (Underlined) Player renewed before/after contract expired

- (Yellow) Player acquired by trade

PRESENT ROSTER players under contract or likely to be


QB- 3- Russell Wilson (O Captain), 17- Jacob Eason,

RB- 32- Chris Carson (IR), 31- DeeJay Dallas, 25- Travis Homer, 34- Josh Johnson,

FB- 44- Nick Bellore (ST Captain), (NOTE: is also a OLB)

WR- 14- D.K. Metcalf, 1- D'Wayne Eskridge, 87- Matt Cole (F), 88-Cade Johnson (F),

WR- 16- Tyler Lockett, 18- Freddie Swain, 17- Aaron Fuller (F), 11- Cody Thompson (F),

LT- 78- Stone Forsythe,

LG- 68- Damien Lewis, 62- Pier-Olivier Lestage (F),


RG- 65 - Gabe Jackson, 75 - Greg Elland (F),

RT- 74- Jake Curhan,

TE- 84- Colby Parkinson, 85- Tyler Mabry (F),


LDE- 91- LJ Collier, 58- Alex Tchangam (F),

LDT- 67 - Myles Adams (F), 79- Niles Scott (F),

RDT- 97- Poona Ford, 62- Jarrod Hewitt (F),

RDE- 8- Carlos Dunlap, 95- Benson Mayowa, 51- Kerry Hyder,

SOLB- 52- Darrell Taylor, 98- Alton Robinson , 55- Ben Burr-Kirven (IR), 47- Lakiem Williams (F),

MLB- 54- Bobby Wagner(D Captain), 57- Cody Barton,

WOLB- 56- Jordyn Brooks, 43- Aaron Donkor (F),

LCB- 22- Tre Brown (IR), 36- Blessaun Austin (R),

RCB- 30- Mike Jackson (F),

FS- 28- Ugochukwu Amadi, 27- Marquise Blair (IR),

SS- 33- Jamal Adams, (IR),


PK- 5- Jason Myers,

P- 4- Michael Dickson,

LS- 69- Tyler Ott,

TOTAL = -49- (90allowed )

PRACTICE SQUAD (16 available with 6 veteran players allowed), same call-up and protection rules as last season.
1. open
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open
6. open
7. open
8. open
9. open
10. open
11. open
12. open
13. open
14. open
15. open
16. open

INJURED RESERVE (IR), (IRr) = Injured Reserve returnable, PUP (PUP), WAIVED INJURED (WI), INJURED RESERVED DESIGNATED RECALL (IRDR), Non-football Injury (NFI), Reserve Did Not Report (RDNR), COVID opt out (CO), COVID Reserve (COR), Suspended/Commissioner's exempt/suspended list (SUS)
1. DT/DE- 48- Marcus Webb (E), (WI), reverts to (IR)
2. RB- 25- Travis Homer (PUP) now practicing, returned to 53
3. WR- 1- D'Wayne Eskridge (PUP), now practicing, ->53,
4. WR- 15- John Ursua (F) (E), (IR)
5. OLB- 55- Ben Burr-Kirven, (IR)
6. OT- 70- Cedric Ogbuehi , (IRr) now practicing, ->53,
7. CB- 22- Tre Brown, (IRr), now practicing, ->53,
8. TE- 84- Colby Parkinson, (IRr), now practicing, ->53,
9. SS- 39- Nigel Warrior, (IRr), now practicing, -> 53
10 OC- 77- Ethan Pocic, (!Rr), now practicing, ->53.
11 TE- 81- Gerald Everett, (COR), re-instated to 53, 11/10 21,
12, RB,- 20- Rashaad Penny (IR), now practicing, -> 53 25/10/21
13. WR- 1- D'Wayne Eskridge, (IRr), now practicing, ->53
14. RB- 32- Chris Carson, (IR), now practicing 10/11/21,19/11/21 out for the season
15. QB- 3- Russell Wilson (O Captain), (IRr), designated for return 08/11/21, cleared to play, ->53
16. FS- 27- Marquise Blair (IR),
17. OT- 73- Jamarco Jones, (IR), designated for return 23/12/21, ->53 on 1/1/22
18. CB- 22- Tre Brown, (!R),
19. SS- 33- Jamal Adams, (IR),
20. CB- 38- Gavin Heslop (F) (E), (IR), ->(COR), activated to 53 man roster on Jan 12/21
21. RB- 41- Alex Collins (U), (COR), activated -> 53 on 22/12/21, (IR)
22. WR- 16- Tyler Lockett, (COR), ->53 on 23/12/21
23. RB- 25- Travis Homer, (COR), activated ->53 on 24/12/21
24. DE- 51- Kerry Hyder, (COR), activated ->53 on 25/12/21
25. CB- 30- Mike Jackson (F), (COR), activated to PS on 29/12/21
26. OG- 62- Pier-Olivier Lestage, (COR) activated ->PS, on24/12/21
27. CB- 2- D.J. Reed (U), (COR) activated to 53 on 29/12/21
28. OT- 72- Brandon Shell (U), (COR), activated to 53 on 28/12/21, (IR)
29. DT- 90- Bryan Mone (E), (COR), activated to 53 on 29/12/21
30. TE- 49- Ryan Izzo, (COR), activated to PS on 27/12/21,
31. TE- 89- Will Dissly, (COR), activated to 53 on 27/12/21
32. CB- 36- Blessaun Austin (R), (COR) activated to 53 on 4/1/22
33. DE- 91- LJ Collier, (COR), activated to 53 on 31/12/21,
34. RB- 21- Adrian Peterson (S), ->53, ->PS, (IR)
35. LG- 68- Damien Lewis (COR), activated to 53 on 6/1/22
36. CB- 23- Sidney Jones (U), (COR), activated to 53 on 6/1/22
37. OLB- 59- Jon Rhattigan (E), (IR)
38. DE- 98- Alton Robinson, (COR), activated to 53 man roster on Jan 12/21
39. RB- 41- Alex Collins (U), (IR)
40. DT- 67 - Myles Adams (S), (COR)
41. DT- 99- Al Woods (U), (COR), activated to 53 man roster on Jan 12/21
42. SS- 26- Ryan Neal (E), (COR), activated to 53 man roster on Jan 12/21
43. OT- 72- Brandon Shell (U), (IR)
44. OC/G- 87- Kyle Fuller (R) (COR), activated back to the roster 14/1/22

Traded, Cut/Released (C), Waived (W), Waived Injured (WI), Waived w. Injury Settlement(WIS)
(several players may have multiple moves)
1. OG- 65- Chance Warmark, (C)
2. TE- 88- Greg Olsen (U), contract terminated 4/3/21
3. WR- 10- Josh Gordon (U), contract terminated 4/3/21
4. DE- 43- Carlos Dunlap, contract terminated March 8./21, re-signed March 25/21 2 years at $16. 6 million/ $8.5 million guaranteed
5. DT- 90- Jarran Reed, released 26/03/21, now signed with KC
6. TE- 86- Nick Guggemos, (W)
7. DB- 42- Ladarius Wiley, (W)
8. RB- 40- BJ Emmons, (W), Re-signed to PS, (W)
9. WR- 83- Tamorrion Terry, (W)
10. CB- 36- Saivion Smith, (W)
11. QB- 15- Danny Etling (F), (W), re-signed ->PS, (W)
12. WR- 13- Darvin Kidsy (F), (W)
13. TE- 48- Michael Jacobson, (W), ->PS, (W),
14 WR- 83- - Darece Roberson, (W), re-signed, (W)
15. DE/OLB-99- Aldon Smith, (released)
16. CB- 30- Bryan Mills, (W)
17. CB- 47- Jordan Miller (F), (W)
18. DT- 64- Walter Palmore, (W)
19. WR- 19- Anthony Ratliff-Williams (W)
20. RB- 40- Cameron Scarlett, (W)
21. LB- 58- Nate Evans, (W)
22. OT- 67- Lukayus McNeil (W)
23. TE- 49- Dominick Wood-Anderson, (W)
24. QB- 10- Alex McGough (F), (W)
25. DT- 75- Cedrick Lattimore (F), (W)
26. CB- 35- Pierre Desir, (C)
27. DE- 58- Alex Tchangam, (W), re-signed to PS, (W), re-signed to Futures deal (F)
28. TE- 82- Luke Willson released/retired
29. TE- 49- Ian Bunting (W)
30. TE- 46- Cam Sutton (W)
31. DT- 92- Robert Nkemdiche, (C), ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53
32. CB- 23- Damarious Randall, (C)
33. OG- 66- Jordan Simmons, (C), ->PS
34. DT- 67 - Myles Adams (F), (W),->PS, ->53, ->PS,->53,->PS, (COR)
35. OT- 79- Tommy Champion (F), (W)
36. FS- 39- Aashari Crosswell, (W)
37. OLB- 43- Aaron Donkor, (W), (NOTE: may not count as a roster cut is an International development player subject to roster exemptions), ->PS
38. OG- 75 - Greg Elland, (W), ->PS
39. WR- 17- Aaron Fuller (F), (W), ->PS
40. WR- 18- Penny Hart (F), (W), ->PS, ->53
41. CB- 38- Gavin Heslop (F), (W), ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ~>53,9
42. DT- 62- Jarrod Hewitt, (W), ->PS
43. OG- 63- Jared Hocker, (W)
44. WR- 88-Cade Johnson, (W), ->PS, (W), re-signed ->PS,
45. RB- 34- Josh Johnson, (W), ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53,
46. OG- 62- Pier-Olivier Lestage, (W), ->PS
47. OC- 64- Brad Lundblade (F), (W), re-signed -> PS, (W),
48. TE- 85- Tyler Mabry (F), (W), ->PS, ->53, (W), ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53
49. FS- 37- Joshua Moon, (W)
50. CB- 35- John Reid, (W), ->PS, -> 53,
51. OLB- 59- Jon Rhattigan, (W), ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53
52. CB- 42- Will Sunderland, (W)
53. WR- 11- Cody Thomson (F), (W), ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, (F)
54. WR- 86- Travis Toivonen, (W)
55. WR- 87- Connor Wedington, (W), ->PS, (W)
56. OLB- 48- Lakiem Williams, (W), re-signed to PS,
57. OG- 60- Phil Haynes, (W), -> PS
58. QB- 9- Sean Manion, (C)
59. CB- 2- Ahkello Witherspoon, traded to Steelers for 2023 5th round round pick
60. TE- 49- Mark Vital (W)
61. TE- 49- DeShon Williams, >PS, (W)
62. OG- 66- Jordan Simmons, signed by the Raiders from the PS
63. QB- 9- Jake Luton, (W), ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, (W)
64. WR- 86- De'Quan Hampton, (W)
65. TE- 82- Jace Sternberger, signed by Washington Football Team from the PS
66. CB- 21- Tre Flowers, (W)
67. OT- 70- Cedric Ogbuehi , (C),
68. WR- 13- Phillip Dorsett, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, (C)
69. CB- u/k Elijah Benton, (W),
70. TE- 49- Ryan Izzo, signed off the PS by the Titans,


Unrestricted Free Agents

QB- 7- Geno Smith (U),
RB- 20- Rashaad Penny (U),
RB- 41- Alex Collins (U) (IR),
LT- 76- Duane Brown (U),
OT- 73- Jamarco Jones (U),
OC- 77- Ethan Pocic (U),
RT- 72- Brandon Shell (U), (IR),
TE- 81- Gerald Everett (U),
TE- 89- Will Dissly (U),

LDE- 94- Rasheem Green (U),
LDT- 99- Al Woods (U) (COR),
RDT- 92- Robert Nkemdiche (U),
LCB- 23- Sidney Jones IV (U),
RCB- 2- D.J. Reed (U),
FS- 6 - Quandre Diggs (U),
SS- 42- Josh Jones (U),
OLB- 48- Edmond Robinson (U),

-Restricted Free Agents

OG- 60- Phil Haynes (R),
OC/G- 87- Kyle Fuller (R),


-Exclusive Rights Free Agents The team has numerous ERFAs which could be counted as signed as no other team can sign them until the team elects not to re-sign them. The SFAs are included in this grouping.

NOTE: to be listed though I'd expect the team to sign each of the ERFA players as they are cheap but known to the team
WR- 19- Penny Hart (E),
WR- 15- John Ursua (E) (IR),
OC- 64- Dakota Shepley (E),

NOTE: to be listed though I'd expect the team to sign each of the ERFA players as they are cheap but known to the team
DT- 90- Bryan Mone (E),
OLB- 58- Tanner Muse (E),
OLB- 59- Jon Rhattigan (E)(IR),
CB- 35- John Reid (E),
CB- 38- Gavin Heslop (E), (IR), (COR),
SS- 26- Ryan Neal (E) (COR),
SS- 39- Nigel Warrior (E),
DE- 48- Marcus Webb (E) (IR),

Street Free Agent
21- Adrian Peterson (S), (IR),

Players Drafted (presently 6 picks)

Round 1 (0)
Pick #10- traded to the Jets for Jamal Adams

Round 2 (1)
Pick #41-

Round 3 (1)
Pick #72 -

Round 4 (2)
Pick # 4th pick in the round from the Jets as part of the Adams trade -
Pick # 10th pick in the round -

Round 5 (1)
Pick # 10th pick in the round -

Round 6 (0)

Round 7 (1)

Pick #10th pick in the round -


Unrestricted Free Agents

Undrafted Free Agents

Players obtained via Trade

= -329- since the beginning of free agency

Present Available Cap Number for 2022 as per OTC.com = $36,563,530 https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/seattle-seahawks/

As well here is a CAP calculator for NFL teams for creating 'what if' scenarios.


Mar 5, 2007
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Moved as thread is reorganized.


Unrestricted Free Agents There are 30 UFAs many of whom won't be back. (30)

QB- 7- Geno Smith (U), re-signed, 1yr./$1.075 million/$137,500 SB, cap charge $987,500
RB- 32- Chris Carson (U), re-signed 2 yrs $14.625 million, may have additional voidable yr.
RB- 30- Carlos Hyde (U), signed with Jaguars,2 years/$6 million
FB- 44- Nick Bellore (U), re-signed, 2 yrs./$4.45 M/$1.2 M Gtd., 2021 cap #$1.7 M
WR- 83-David Moore (U), signed with the Panthers, terms u/k
OT- 70- Cedric Ogbuehi (U), re-signed, one year and $2.3M with $700K guaranteed. An extra void year spreads out the $700K signing bonus over two years. Base salary is $1.1M. There's $500K in per-game roster bonuses as well as $1M in playing-time incentives, counts $1.8 million against the cap
OG- 70- Mike Iupati (U) , retired
OC- 77- Ethan Pocic (U), re-signed 1year, $3 million
TE- 86- Jacob Hollister (U), signed with the Bills, terms u/k
TE- 88- Greg Olsen (U), contract terminated 4/3/21, set to sign 1 day deal to retire a Panther.
TE- 82- Luke Willson (U), re-signed 25/8/21, terms u/k, but suspected to be a I yr. vet min deal
RB- 41- Alex Collins (U), re-signed 24/2/21 terms u/k but suspected to be a vet min. deal
WR- 10- Josh Gordon (U), contract terminated 4/3/21
WR- 11- Phillip Dorsett (IR) (U), signed with Jaguars, terms u/k
OG- 78- Alex Boone (U),
OT- 75- Chad Wheeler (U), (W)
OG- 65- Chance Warmark, (U) (W)

DE- 99- Damontre Moore (U),
DE- 95- Benson Mayowa (U), re-signed, 2 yrs./ $7.62M / $4.1M guaranteed. 2 void years spread out a $3M signing bonus. Base salaries are $1.1M (GTD) and $2.5M. Both years have $510K in per-game roster bonuses. Up to $1M sacks escalator in 2022. Cap number for 2021 is $2.24M.
OLB- 50- KJ Wright (U), signed with Raiders
CB- 26- Shaquill Griffin (U), signs with Jags 3yrs. - $44.5 million/ $29 million guaranteed,
CB- 36- Damarious Randall (U), re-signed, 1 yr./ $1,127,500/ $137,500 signing bonus/ non-guaranteed $990K base salary.
DE- 93- Branden Jackson (IR) (U),
CB 23- Nieko Thorpe (IR) (U),
DE- 51- Bruce Irvin (IR) (U),
SS- 42- Lano Hill, (U),(IR), signed with Panthers, terms u/o
CB- 22- Quinton Dunbar (IR) (U), signed with Detroit, 1 yr. terms u/k
CB- 1- Jayson Stanley (IR) (U),
DE- 93- Jonathan Bullard (U), signed with Atlanta 1 yr. terms u/k
OLB- 52- Ray-Ray Armstrong (U),

-Restricted Free Agents (3)

OG- 66- Jordan Simmons (R), not tendered, but re-signed 1 yr., terms u/k

DT- 97- Poona Ford (R), not tendered, but re-signed for 2 years/$12.345 M/$8.42 M base/$3.5 M bonus, 2021 Cap # $2.67 M"
OLB- 49- Shaquem Griffin (R), not tendered

-Exclusive Rights Free Agents The team has 4 ERFAs which could be counted as signed as no other team can sign them until the team elects not to re-sign them. The SFAs are included in this grouping. (5)

OC- 61- Kyle Fuller (E), tendered, 1yr./$920K
RB- 40- Bo Scarborough, (IRPS), (SFA) Street FA
TE- 48- Stephen Sullivan (IRPS), (SFA) Street FA, signed futures contract with Carolina

DT- 79- Bryan Mone (E), tendered, 1yr./$850K
CB- 34- Linden Stephens (E), signed by Washington
SS- 35- Ryan Neal (E), tendered,

Players Drafted

Round 1 (0)
Pick #23- traded to the Jets for Jamal Adams

Round 2 (1)
Pick #56- WR- u/k- D'Wayne Eskridge, Westen Michigan, signed

Round 3 (0)
Pick #83 - traded to the Jets for Jamal Adams

Round 4 (1)
Pick #129 - traded to Tampa for picks #137 (4th) & #217 (6th)

Pick #137 rec'd from Tampa, CB- Tre Brown, OK, signed

Round 5 (1)
Pick # 153 - pick traded to the Raiders for OG- u/k- Gabe Jackson,

Round 6 (0)
Pick #186 - pick traded to Miami 2020 draft

Pick #208, rec'd from Chicago for Picks #217 & #250, OT- Stone Forsythe, Florida, signed

Pick #217, traded with Pick #250 for Pick #208

Round 7 (1)

Pick traded to the Bengals for Carlos Dunlap

Pick #250 received from Detroit in 2019 as part of Quandre Diggs trade, pick traded with pick #217 for pick #208


CB- 2- Ahkello Witherspoon for 49ers, 1 year- $4 million fully guaranteed, Traded to Pittsburgh resulting in cap savings of $1.5 million but a cap charge divided between this season and next of 1.25 million/year for the signing bonus $
TE- 81- Gerald Everett, 1 yr. - $6 mil
DE/DT- 51- Kerry Hyder, 3yrs. $16.5 mil (Note the 3rd year is for $10 mil and is a voidable year, so the contract may actually be 2yrs./$6.5 mil)
DT- 99- Al Woods, 1-year, $2.5M/ $750K guaranteed, $750K signing bonus, a $1.25M base salary and $500K in per-game roster bonuses
DE- 99- Aldon Smith, 1 yr./1-year $990,000/$137,500 signing bonus/ cap charge $987,500 (W)
CB- 35- Pierre Desir, 1yr./ $1.212 M/ $137,500 SB, cap number is 987,500, (C)
DT- 92- Robert Nkemdiche, 1 y./$990K cap charge $850K (C)
OLB- 43- Aaron Donkor, allocated LB via the NFL International Player Pathway Program (W), ->PS
CB- 36- Saivion Smith, waiver claim from Dallas, cap charge $780K, (W)
LB- 58- Nate Evans, Waiver claim from Jax, cap charge $660K (W)
FS/CB- 37- Joshua Moon, (W)
DT- 64- Walter Palmore, (W)
DE/OLB- 48- Marcus Webb, (WI), reverted to (IR)
SS- 42- Ladarius Wiley, (W)
TE- 46- Cam Sutton (W)
WR- 86- Travis Toivonen, SFA , N. Dakota, undrafted 2019 (W)
CB- 42- Will Sunderland, SFA, Troy, undrafted 2020 (W)
TE- 49- Dominick Wood-Anderson, SFA, Tenn., undrafted 2020, (W)
RB- 40- Cameron Scarlett, SFA, Stanford, undrafted 2020 (W)
QB- 9- Sean Manion, $1,127,500 with $20K guaranteed. $20K signing bonus; $15,500 bonus for being on the roster for the first game; $102K in per-game bonuses; $990K non-guaranteed base salary; cap number is $981,500 (This player is eligible to be on the PS), (C)
OT- 67- Lukayus McNeil (W)
WR- 19- Anthony Ratliff-Williams (W)
TE- 49- Ian Bunting (W)
QB- 9- Jake Luton, from Jaguars, terms u/k, ->53, (W), ->PS. ->53
OC/G- 64- Dakota Shepley, waiver claim from 49ers,
CB- 39- Nigel Warrior, waiver claim from Ravens, 53, ->(IRr),
CB- 30- Mike Jackson, last with the Patriots, -> PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, (F)
CB- 31- Blessaun Austin, last with the Jets
OLB- 58- Tanner Muse, last with the Raiders, -> PS,->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53,
WR- 86- De'Quan Hampton, last with the Buccaneers, ->PS, (W)
TE- 82- Jace Sternberger, last with the Packers, ->PS, signed by WFT from PS,
WR- 13- Phillip Dorsett, last with Jaguars, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53,
TE- u/k- Ryan Izzo, last with the Texans, ->PS,
QB- 17- Jacob Eason, waiver claim from Colts
OLB- u/k- Edmond Robinson, SFA, -> PS,->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, (U)
RB- 21 -Adrian Peterson, ->PS, ->53, ->PS,
CB- u/k Elijah Benton, ->PS, (W)
DT- u/k- Niles Scott, ->PS,
SS- 42- Josh Jones, ->PS,->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, ->53, ->PS, (U)

Undrafted Free Agents

1. WR- Tamorrion Terry, FSU, (W)
2. OG- Jared Hocker, TX A&M, (W)
3. OC/OG- Pier-Olivier Lestage, Montreal, (W), ->PS
4. CB- Bryan Mills, NC Central, (W)
5. OT- Jake Curhan, Cal, ->53
6. RB- Josh Johnson, Louisiana-Monroe, (W)
7. RB- BJ Edmonds, FAU, (W)
8. WR- Cade Johnson, So. Dakota St. (W), ->PS
9. WR/KR-Connor Wedington, Stanford (W), ->PS, (W)
10. LB - Jon Rhattigan, Army (W), ->PS,->53,->PS,->53,
11. DT -Jarrod Hewitt, V Tech (W), ->PS
12. OT- Greg Elland, Miss. St. (W), ->PS
13. TE- Nick Guggemos, St Johns U, undrafted Street FA out of football since 2018, (W)
14. FS- Aashari Crosswell, AZ (W)
15. WR- Darece Roberson, Wayne St. (W), re-signed (W)
16. TE- Michael Jacobson, Iowa St. (W), ->PS, (W),
17. OLB- Lakiem Williams, Syracuse (W)
18. DE- Alex Tchangam, Colorado (W), ->PS,
19. TE- Mark Vital, Baylor (W)
20. TE- DeShon Williams, Washington, ->PS, (W)

Players obtained via Trade
OG- 65- Gabe Jackson, received from the Raiders for the team's 2021 5th round pick
CB- 35- John Reid, rec'd from Texans for conditional 2022 7th round draft pick (W),->PS, ->53
CB- 23- Sidney Jones IV, rec’d from Jaguars for a 2022 6th round draft pick


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Feb 28, 2007
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Bo Scarborough is a free agent as an expired PS Player. Same with Alex Boone, Alex Collins, Ray-Ray Armstrong and Stephen Sullivan.


Mar 5, 2007
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Thanks 'Storian!!!

Both Sullivan and Scarborough are Street FAs.

I'm going to list them both in ERFA group for convenience with an appropriate designation differing them because like ERFAs the team retains their rights as 1 year players. Sulliivan will likely be re-signed in one capacity or another, and Scarborough too after his injury is healed.



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Thanks for making a new 2021 thread Jammerhawk!

The Hawks have a lot of decisions to make this off-season. We are going to be losing some popular players would be my guess. I'm curious of the cap number. That's before we know the cap ceiling, isn't it? If so, then we may be looking at pretty much no cap room once the official number comes out for 2021. Is that correct?


Mar 5, 2007
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No problem my friend, it was close to time for a new thread at any rate.

The cap number is the number as estimated by OTC.com it is based upon the present 2021 estimated cap of $176 million/team as earlier announced by the NFL. This number is still not official but it is clear the team has not much cap space to work with and will need to massage a few deals to open up space. There have been various reports of the cap being closer to $180 million as the bottom limit but I suspect it could be a good bit higher as the potential competitive effects of a drastic cap drop will need to be carefully considered but the owners. Most all of the playoff teams will have significant cap problems to deal with this offseason and while the Hawks don't have much available cap at present they are just slightly better than the league average. Fortunately they have a few good sized deals that can be worked over, reallocated or extended to open up available cap space.

Free agency is going to be quite complex for players and their agents this offseason and the simply huge differences between the the teams with the most available cap and those who are in cap difficulties is huge and is almost as much as the present estimate available cap for a whole team for the 2021 season. The team cap guys are going to need to be very creative this year.


Mar 5, 2007
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Hey man, no worries, this is a team effort, I'm just the front man, my partners are the talent in the band. Don't hesitate to comment here, with 40K + visits last season this is a popular spot. All roster questions can be answered here to the extent of knowledge of the team's apparent intentions. Sometimes my biases are apparent.

If you notice a roster move please post it here so it can be added, don't be shy in posting, everyone of us here is subject to being flat out wrong and being there with the news is just fine. Ultimately though, getting it right is what we strive for here.

There are a lot of very football smart guys posting on this site, we don't always agree, but we are all Hawks fans. Every opinion on this site is worthy of critical assessment.


Mar 5, 2007
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Thanks Hawks2022!!!

I had noted Adams as signed to a futures deal on the 2020 roster thread but for some reason didn't included him on the roster. He was a late PS player that was cut at the end of the season then added back with a futures contract just a few days after the others were signed to futures deals



Mar 5, 2007
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Here is an article on the cap situation faced by the team it sets out the numbers based upon a $176 -$178 million cap number for the season.

https://www.fieldgulls.com/2021/1/24/22 ... -cap-draft

It is quite possible the team could be in a negative cap position with just 48 players under contract. JS is going to have to massage a few deals very hard and our FAs if they want to stay are going to have be flexible in their negotiations. Creativity is going to be the norm. This isn’t going to easy stuff for the team and for Free Agent players.

This is going to be a very difficult off season for the whole league. The bottom tier teams that have cap space may find some significant cap bargains.

Curiously with the pandemic continuing there is unlikely to be fans in the stands very soon either. A shrinking of the cap may occur again next season as we are in uncharted territory here.


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Nov 11, 2019
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15.6 billion in revenue between the 32 teams last year and they are "lowering the cap" because of.... what.. they didn't have enough left over for contingencies and inflation still occurring? All of this is hilariously greedy of owners to be honest.


Mar 5, 2007
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It’s a way to claw back salaries from the union, for sure it’s greedy and will do nothing to truly foster competitive rivalries. The cap drop hurts a lot of teams who had planned ahead but now have their cap plans ripped apart.

It is greedy for sure, highly short sighted, damaging to the league and fosters ill will from the players and the union. A plan B or C needs to arrived at where the loss of revenue and the cap disruption is amortized over time rather than all at once. Jerrah will no doubt lobby in this direction, frankly it makes more sense to deal with the problem.


Mar 5, 2007
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Thanks Kitsap!!!

I'm going to put this move with the 2020 thread for consistency sake. The team was down a player on the PS. Normally we count the transaction numbers from the day follow Super Bowl.

Updated on both threads.


Nov 27, 2019
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I foresee a very busy season ahead on this thread Jammer. If we are going to remain competitive there will need to be a lot of movement, and I don't see how that is possible. Schneider and the staff will have to be on their A game this year, maybe at a higher level than ever before. Other teams are already started in the slobber knocker transaction game. Just a matter of time until something happens on our end.


Mar 5, 2007
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I suspect that the final cap number will be bigger (not hugely bigger, but the pain will be spread out over a few seasons) than presently believed to be the case as it guts the FA market, and penalizes those team who did what the union asked and spent annually to close to the cap limit, JMO. However never underestimate the greed of the owner's group. I also think the COVID situation is far from resolved, and many of rules from last season will remain in place.

The Hawks have just 4 draft picks but have been big players in the UDFA market so they will find warm bodies. Luckily they have some big contracts that can be extended and/or reworked to open up some cap room but have many FAs who will either have to take a short term low ball deal to stay or move on. The whole FA market will be depressed, and those who didn't get their "big contract " last season won't be anymore for a while, or just in rare situations.

The roster will churn more than it has in past few seasons, but there is a lot of good quality young talent holding over and quality payers in most key positions. JS has a habit of making something from not very much and i agree he will be pressed harder this season than ever before but he is talented personnel man and will find Pete the young bodies to develop.

The team will be challenged in the division harder than before but will surprise and perhaps show improvement if the OC can unlock RWs talent more completely. The team will have a pass rush and will add to the interior OLine, (@OC and OG). some big decision will be made at CB which might surprise.

I am very curious to watch. They have done it before and will do it again successfully.

Key position groups are:



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Feb 6, 2021
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We have plenty of Cap Space, look at cap space for 2022! I think the best gauge for the cap space in 2022 is 2021 not the projected 220 Million OTC is using. 2022 Seahawks have 86 Million on the books which ranks #5 most available Cap Space & Seattle has its QB under contract, if you factor in RW under contract I would say Seattle is in the best cap situation in the NFL. Duane Brown, Tyler Lockett, Diggs etc... We have tons of players in their final year in 2021. I view 2021 as a reset year, a year where we plan SuperBowl runs for 2021, 2022, & 2023! I would go after LT Trent Williams & pay him 20 million a year on a 4 year contract, then I would trade Duane Brown for a 3rd round pick. I would go after LG Thuney & pay him 14 million. Then I would go after Leonard Williams pay him 19 Million & trade Jarren Reed for a 3rd round pick. DT Dalvin Tomlinson would be my second choice after Leonard Williams and I would still trade Jarren Reed. Leonard Williams can play 3 tech & DE & has always been a strong run stopper. Also signing Leonard Williams makes DE Green & Dunlap expendable.


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Feb 27, 2007
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Roy Wa.
Brees just restructured in N.O., went from 36 million to 12 million, rounded guys so don't crucify the messenger, if Wilson would do something similar we would be in great shape going forward.