What i like about this team


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Dec 1, 2009
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I think John Schneider and Pete Carroll have just killed the draft the last two years.A lot of people have been down on the way the Hawks have drafted in the past. I think there is a huge difference when a team is drafting 25 - 26, for several years in a row compared to getting a top ten draft every once in a while . This team has great depth there should be no question about that at this point.

Not only are they drafting well , but they are coaching these players up big time.... it's completely obvious!

Hawks are 3-1. They are finding new ways to win every week. First couple of weeks it was the offense that stepped up with a beat up O line. Credit goes to those back ups for working hard and believing. Credit goes to the coaching staff for having those players ready to go.

This week it's the D stepping up and completely dominating the Giants O with 11 sacks and 3 turnovers and a TD. The D is flashing brilliantly, answering questions about how good they are. What exactly is the cielling for this D? yes it was just the Giants, A team that is not playing well. A team that is in turmoil. The truth is the Seahawks D just took care of business and did what they are supposed to do DOMINATE.

The weird part about it is the Seahawks are JUST winning and truthfully they are winning while stumbling. Their is no sense of consistency at this point. They pretty much Beat the Giants with Pete ball, running the ball and great D. This team is deep... they keep finding ways to win with every part of the team running the ball, passing the ball, great D AND special teams...The question now is when are they going to put it all together and play 4 quarters of solid football with all 3 phases of the game clicking at the same time?

They are still stumbling and trying to find some rhythm... when this team starts to put it all together be that is going to happen in the next 5 or 6 games, they are going to be devastatingly good! They are just warming up we have NOT seen anywhere close to the best play out of this team.

Yes it was a win off off of a really bad team, but the Hawks flashed who they are at least defensively we know who they can be offensively... who are they as a team? They are brutal, mean and nasty!

Watch out Niners!!! Pete has a surprise for you...

Tell me what you guys like about this team?