That was a clutch win!


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Dec 1, 2009
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Say what you want about Geno...say what you want about Waldron... the fact is, this O is Slowly getting better. They flashed an almost perfect 1st quarter of football. Then the Browns D, who is the best D in the league, shut them down pretty much the rest of the game except for the last drive which came off a CLUTCH interception BY our D. Geno drove this team down the field and scored the CLUTCH winning TD. Cha-ching! The Hawks win the game, what more can you ask for?

So yeah we all know this team is working through adversity. It's a process of growth, not only because of the rookies , but everybody learning to play together and getting on the same page. This year it's a slow process, as they are through 7 games and sometimes that is frustrating for some. The important thing is, they are winning even though they are NOT playing there best football. This team just keeps finding ways to win. They are officially in first place in the NFC west after the niners lose, 3 in a row and the Hawks win 3 in a row. What more can we ask for at this point?

I guarantee you the Hawks O is going to explode at some point between now and when they start the most difficult part of the schedule starting with the Rams. This might have been the break out game I've been talking about. That 1st quarter that's what the Hawks O is going to look like. It's just taking a while to put it all together.

When the Hawks D lined up on that last play, the one when they got the INT off of Adams hemet, i could see the fire in that D, i mean they were switching on the LOS I knew they were going to make a play, and they did. This D is Special IMO. Yeah they gave up 155 yards rushing off of 40 carries whats that some thing like 3.5 yards a carry ? And yeah the Browns did a really good job of play calling with the screen game andveating the clock. The important thing is when the Hawks D needed to make a play they did.

What an absolute CLUTCH win!

So yeah say what you want about the mistakes the team made. We all know that they are NOT playing their best football yet, but I just hope you see what's coming, and I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did!

I didn't lose my TV to my wife throwing PEPSI cans at the TV because I tackled her on the couch on the Woolen penalty before she tried to throw IT lol