Russ Broke My Heart


Apr 30, 2009
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Vancouver, BC , Canada🍁
Russell revitalized this team and city, with his positive attitude, that teammates bought into and created a team, the league feared, for years. The franchise had NEVER had that .
I for one look at a person, beyond their talent , and as good as Russell is ( or was for the Hawks) every year I lost more respect for him , and his " Why Not ME " facade . He has become a DIVA , with no integrity , pretentious and selfish and has no respect towards what the Seahawk Organization, the City of Seattle and the fans that held him up.
New and shiny is what Denver think they got...good luck keeping it that way.


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Aug 2, 2011
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Wilson just isn’t a top tier quarterback anymore and paying an exuberant amount in salary at his age with bum knees and a crooked digit is bad business. On any level. He will never win a Super Bowl in Denver he isn’t a dual threat as much as he once was. Geno is going to spank Wilson’s ass on Monday night 9 days from now and the Donkeys will leave town in tears.
Lol Even though I would very much want this to happen, I have a feeling Russ is going to wipe the floor with this team but will still be at most a 1 and done in the play offs.


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Nov 24, 2009
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Long Island, NY
Guys I am going to be honest here and make a confession. I had a breakdown today. I miss Russell Wilson and I miss him being a Seahawk. He was one of the most important Seahawks of all time and I can't take away the hurt. This Russell thing has been weighing at my heart every day since he stabbed us in the back. Honestly I would say this hurt is as bad as when I caught my first wife cheating with the babysitter.

I was so depressed because of Russ when I got home today my wife thought someone died. I told her I was mourning Russ and she got really mad at me being upset over a football player. She told me I'm a immature child and that she hates football. I tried to tell her that we won a SB with Russ but she laughed at me and told me to grow up. That just made it all hurt worse.

It just stings guys. I've been taking out my anger on Russell by posting here saying he sucks. I realize now that I'm like a spurned lover. Make no mistake, he will have a terrible year as I've predicted in the NFL forum. But it doesn't make me miss him any less.

I miss his cheesy pep talks. I miss the sight of him pumping up our guys on the sideline. I miss him scrambling and throwing incredible TDs. I miss him visiting the childrens hospital every weekend.

It's going to hurt so bad to see him come into our house wearing another jersey. After all the memories. I'm hurt guys. I'm really hurt. This really does feel like my first divorce.

Oh and before you rule nazis come in here to tell me this isn't Seahawk related: this thread is about one of the most important SEAHAWKS ever. and it is about me missing him being on the SEAHAWKS. yes I know he doesn't play here anymore but I wish he did.

Russell, you broke my heart buddy. You betrayed the city of Seattle. And you broke my heart.
Really it’s just a game. And these athletes and coaches don’t care at all about the fans. It’s business for them. Just look at it as entertainment. I use to get bent when they would lose. Then I realized it’s never worth it. Fans allow billionaire owners and millionaire players and coaches to force tax payers to find their stadiums. That’s what really pisses me off about sports.


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Jan 28, 2014
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Got to take care of your woman if you want to keep her. We didn't take care of Russ, didn't give him an O-line that would protect him, didn't let him use all of his gifts, kept giving him sub-par OCs with bland schemes. Russ didn't leave us, so much as we took him for granted and pushed him away.

Russ gave us 10 years of great performances. He did his bit, but the Hawks mgmt. didn't do theirs. Now he's off with someone else, and we're alone, stuck with bums at QB, hoping maybe maybe maybe we can land another Russ next year.
Send this to Russell's team. You may have a job as Jake's assistant in the Mr. Unlimited PR department.


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Jan 15, 2010
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Covington, WA
OMG. I hope this is satire...If so, kudos. If not, GROW A PAIR. You may have another divorce coming dude.

Great, iconic players better than Russ come and go. The Derek Jeter or John Elway scenario isn't realistic.

QB's better than RW who played for another team after being great: Unitas, Montana, Manning, Brady, etc.

People root for the team/logo, not the guys in uniform.

And back to RW and the Seahawks. It was time. The Seahawks with Wilson maybe were a playoff team but not a true SB contender. And Wilson wanted to go do a Brady TB deal where he's the focal point of everything and throw it all over the place.

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