Running Game in 2022

Sun Tzu

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Apr 28, 2016
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How can you say Walker will be a success when he hasn't even touched the ball once in a game. Wait until he has played a game or two first.
You should reread the post you responded to. The poster specified that Walker "could turn out to be" not that he will be a success. As I have said before, your posts make zero sense.
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Jun 27, 2012
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It's possible that the Seahawks will make more use of the fullback position this year to add versatility to the run and to help our young linemen with blocking.

Both Penny and Walker are speedy break away threats, but a fullback can both protect the runner and deliver some pain to the opposing defense as well as a being surprise offensive threat. CJ Dallas and Josh Johnson are both stout, hard running backs that could be used in that role. Travis Homer has shown to be a good blocker, but is also a dual threat after his surprise success last season. Penny has also delivered some good blocks. And please...let's bring in Adrian Peterson as a coach or back-up running back, if he insists on playing.

An effective running game can be like a boxer delivering shots to the body of his opponent. This can wear down and demoralize the opponent and when they begin to tire, you can go for the "knock out punch to the head" (or pass) more easily. That is what made Marshawn Lynch a perfect running back for this system. He hurt people and they were afraid of him. That is also the effect that a powerful fullback can have and the Seahawks have a history using the position.

The definition of Force is Mass x Acceleration, so maybe a fast moving fullback can add a "Beastmode like" or even a "Mike Tyson like" Force to our offense.

(I hope Chris Carson will retire...he has been great, a fan favorite, but it is not worth risking his quality of life after his NFL career.)