ESPN: Proposed Draft Day Trades Involving SEA


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Apr 30, 2009
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Grand Rapids, MI

Bill Barnwell at ESPN did his annual trade mock, where he proposes a trade at each draft spot. There are four that involve the Seahawks. Any thoughts on these?

5. Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks get: 1-7, 2-38, 4-109
Raiders get: 1-5, 2-52

The Seahawks are in a tougher spot than it might seem here. The Panthers, Texans and Colts aren't likely to want to move down out of the top four spots and potentially miss out on a quarterback. The Cardinals should be happy to move down, but will they really want to make a deal with their division rival that sees Seattle get its quarterback of the future? I suspect Arizona would do it if it had no other options, but the Seahawks are going to need to pay more than other teams in the top 10 to convince the Cards' front office.

If the top three quarterbacks and Will Anderson Jr. are off the board, I wonder whether the Seahawks would try to move down a couple of spots and target a cornerback. Adding a fourth-rounder and jumping 14 spots in the second round might not seem enormous, but the organization would add a pick in the 20-40 range that general manager John Schneider typically targets for selections and trade opportunities. Seattle already has pick Nos. 20 and 37, so it could use a third selection in this range to help move around if it wants to grab Hendon Hooker, who is ranked as the fifth-best signal-caller in the class.

For the Raiders, this would be jumping ahead of the Lions for interior disrupter Jalen Carter. Although the defensive tackle out of Georgia pleaded no contest to reckless driving charges last month, he is still expected to land in the top 10. Carter would be able to take advantage of playing with Vegas edge rushers Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones.

9. Chicago Bears

Bears get: 1-5, 3-83
Seahawks get: 1-9, 2-53, 2024 third-round pick

We've already seen Chicago general manager Ryan Poles move out of the top spot and acquire star wide receiver DJ Moore and valuable draft capital, including Carolina's 2024 first-round pick. The Bears have four of the top 64 picks in this year's draft, so they have flexibility to move wherever they want.

What if Poles wants to move back up for the difference-maker his team desperately needs on the line of scrimmage? Remember what the Colts did in 2020 to help get the most out of Matt Eberflus' defense. They traded a first-round pick for interior disrupter DeForest Buckner, who has 24.5 sacks in three seasons since the move from San Francisco.

Here, the Bears would move back up to add Jalen Carter, who could be a target for the Lions and Raiders before Chicago's current pick. Carter is not going to single-handedly turn Chicago into a great defense, but Poles will need to add that kind of talent somewhere along the way. Having Carter would be a much-needed building block, and the Bears would still hold on to picks Nos. 61 and 64.

13. New York Jets

Jets get: QB Aaron Rodgers, 3-78 (from GB), 1-20 (from SEA)
Packers get: 1-13, 2024 third-round pick (conditional, from NYJ)
Seahawks get: 2-42 (from NYJ), 2-45 (from GB)

Well, you knew a Rodgers trade was coming. To get the Packers this pick and keep the Jets in the first round, we have to get creative. I'm relying on the Seahawks to help facilitate this deal and pick up some draft value in the process.

Let's break this up into two deals. First, the Jets send No. 13 and a conditional pick in 2024 to the Packers. This would be a third-round pick that becomes a second-rounder if the Jets win a playoff game in 2023. In return, they finally land Rodgers, as well as Nos. 45 and 78 from Green Bay. Depending on how you evaluate the future conditional pick, this values Rodgers as roughly being worth the 25th pick in a typical draft by the Johnson chart.

Then, the Jets would send Nos. 42 (acquired from the Browns in the Elijah Moore deal) and 45 (just acquired in this Packers deal) to the Seahawks for No. 20. This is a slight win for Seattle by the Johnson chart and a significant one by the Stuart chart, as picks in the top half of Round 2 are often underrated.

All of this adds up, right? The Jets lose this selection but land Rodgers while moving down only seven spots. The Packers get the first-rounder they want for Rodgers to address their 2023 team and add another meaningful pick in 2024. The Seahawks create more value for themselves and have four picks between 37 and 52, which allows them to move wherever they want in the bottom of the first round and top of the second round.

20. Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks get: 1-25, 3-89
Giants get: 1-20

The Giants should not be done shopping for receivers. They've added Darren Waller, Parris Campbell and Jamison Crowder and brought back Wan'Dale Robinson, Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard, but they should be looking for a primary option. Given how many possession and slot receivers they have, this is a team that sorely needs some speed on the outside beyond Slayton.

Moving up here would get the Giants ahead of the Chargers, who should be looking for a similar injection of speed to their receiving corps. Seattle general manager John Schneider should be happy to pick up a third-round choice for moving down five spots.
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May 9, 2009
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So 2 of those trades we trade down for teams who want to pick Carter, while we have a need at DT 😵‍💫.


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Mar 5, 2007
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Completely agree!

Speculative typical rubbish from Barnwell who is a media hack.

Certainly it is possible that JS trades back maybe even more than once in Round 1 of the draft to acquire more early picks in a relatively deep draft. However, these are just musings by Barnwell. The 3 way trade is unlikely to occur with significant prior discussion which would take far longer that the time the team would be OTC during the draft. I do think the Giants trade could be possible though.

Seattle and NYG have competing interests in acquiring a C in the draft which should be born in mind.


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Oct 1, 2010
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Compensation is fair for all of the trades.

The first two could be followed by a second trade down. Ideally if all of the top prospects we want are gone at 5 then I'd like to drop down to #14 or so. That's where I'd start to feel good about the value for a bunch of the second tier prospects, such as JSN, Wilson, Kincaid, Smith, Branch, Gonzalez, and Porter Jr.


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Mar 4, 2007
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Seattle, WA
So 2 of those trades we trade down for teams who want to pick Carter, while we have a need at DT 😵‍💫.
The one thing is though, there are a lot of other DTs/DEs (that fit our 3-4 scheme) in this draft that actually like playing football and are motivated. Two important factors, IMO when it comes to how the Seahawks evaluate players these days. The Seahawks have lots of picks to help fix the D-Line in combination with signing Jones And Reed this offseason. They don’t need to force it at #5. 👍🍻🍻🍻


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Mar 30, 2010
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corner of 30th & plum
I like this trade.

Seattle gets the 11th pick from Tenn. And the 41st pick.

Tenn. Get the 5th pick.

Seahawks selects at 11 WR jaxson Smith Nijigba

At 20 Seattle Seahawks select DT Mazi Smith

37 LB Campbell

41 OG

52 RB

83 DB
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Oct 1, 2012
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So 2 of those trades we trade down for teams who want to pick Carter, while we have a need at DT 😵‍💫.

Yes only the Raiders need an inside disruptor.

Mock drafts are as worthless as pre-season power rankings.