My final mock (Day 3 - no trades)


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Mar 9, 2019
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Central Valley, CA
Sorry guys, had to split my mock into 2 posts, apparently you can't post more than 5 media files in one post. :(

PICK #102 Layden Robinson - RG/TA&M

What I see: Someone who can hold his own in pass protection, a guy who looks for someone to block if he's not engaged at the snap.

PICK #118: Javion Cohen - LG/MIAMI

What I see: An undervalued lineman who can become a solid starter very quickly. Comes from one of the nations top OL's.

PICK #179: Edefuan Ulofoshio - LB/WASHINGTON

What I see: A solid depth piece who could earn more snaps after year 1, has the ability to blitz the QB or disrupt the play, which is something MM looks for in LB's.

PICK #192: AJ Barner - TE/MICHIGAN

What I see: One of the best blocking TE's in this class, not known for catching a lot of passes, comparable to another TE on Seattle's roster (Pharaoh Brown)

PICK #235: Anthony Gould - WR/OREGON ST.

What I see: Small, quick WR who would be perfect as a return specialist, especially with the new rules.
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