2024 Seattle Seahawks Draft


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Mar 30, 2010
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corner of 30th & plum
Round 1 pick #16

Still over 30 days out from the draft the Seahawks have filled there roster though free agency except the Left guard position. (by design) I'm sure.

Seahawks have themselves in a good position, yet the trade possibility loom. Now the chance of the Seahawks trade up is a possibility, it would be more likly trading back or down. For this to happen there needs to be a player a team wants to move up to get, this is that year. Re acquiring our second round is a very good possibility. Trading back into the 22 to 28 pick would be slick for us.

Top 60 players
These players are set, for the most part. Getting two players that are the most PRO READY that will be our foundation pieces for the next ten years, we've got to get them right.

RD 1 # 16
1. The most popular selection would be Troy Fautanu OG Wash.
2. Followed by Laiatu Latu Edge pro ready
3. Darius Robinson DE nice size and great fit.
4. Braden Fiske DT plays run and pass with a passion for the game.
5. Long shot WR Brian Thomas jr. You can't coach speed.

John will move around and trade picks if he can get a second back, we'll see.

Other plays I like Zak Zinter, Rake Orhorhoro, Dominick Puni, Sedrick Van Pran and most Michigan players. LOL