7 for 7 Series: Guards!

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May 3, 2021
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Possibly the weakest position group on the Seahawks. I don't know if we have any Guards on the team that you feel good about. The team likes some young guys already on the roster but this year's draft offers some really good options at the Guard position. It's an exciting group. The Centers were explosive and the Guards follow suit.

1st Round

Graham Barton:
6'5, 313 lbs, 32.875'' arms, 4.97 (40 Yard), 4.55 (Shuttle), 7.31 (3 Cone): He'll be 22 in his rookie season. Dude played everywhere on the line. Super athletic and is a great mover in space. Ideal for pulling. Nimble feet due to him playing OT. Constant motor and good technician. As a Guard, I can see him pulling and being a terror in the run game or being a combo blocker that works to the secondary level quickly. Sometimes is a little late reacting to things which impacts his ability to recover when beat. Although, he plays with aggression, I don't think I would describe him as nasty and mean. Sometimes struggle with power rushers but he's plenty young and can develop his strength and power. Has just ok tape as an OT but figures to project very well at Guard. Him and Beebe are much closer than most think.

2nd Round

Cooper Beebe:
6'3, 322 lbs, 31.5'' arms, 5.03 (40-yard), 37.5'' (Vertical), 4.61 (Shuttle), 7.44 (3 Cone): He'll be 23 in his rookie season. Day 1 starter with the ideal size and build. Stocky and mean. He is very hard to move off his spot and anchors very well. He's a great run blocker. He will hit you and move you. Great pass protector as well. Smart and knows how to process stunts, twists, and knows how to pass off. Terrifying as a pull Guard. Because he is top heavy, he can get off balance at times when he is moving around. When he has to move laterally, a pull here or there can get him off balance.

3rd Round

Christian Haynes:
6'3, 317 lbs, 33.5'' arms, 5.03 (40-yard), 33'' (Vertical): He'll be 24 in his rookie season. He's a good athlete but more of a gamer. He's the Zach Frazier of the Guards. No nonsense, tough minded, and just get things done. Probably a day 1 starter and is a fit in zone schemes. Not a great mover but gets the job done. He's not a bruiser but he gets the job done. Haynes is great at being a combo blocker and he showed that at the Senior Bowl. Like Frazier, he should be a starter for a long time. With all that said, he is going to struggle with pass protection from time to time and teams will have to accept that. I think this might be the sweet spot for Guards. Zak Zinter, Dom Puni, Christian Mahogany could all go around this range. Brandon Coleman if he is moved inside to Guard could go in this range as well. Same can be said about Sedrick Van Pran if he's moved from Center to Guard.

4th Round

Mason McCormick:
6'4, 309 lbs, 33.875'' arms, 5.07 (40-yard), 35.5 (Vertical), 4.45 (Shuttle), 7.59 (3 Cone), 32 Reps (Bench): He'll be 24 in his rookie season. He has the ideal Guard build with long arms and a dense upper body. He's also one of the best athletes for an interior linemen. I think he will be devastating as a puller because of his power and his range to pull. Plus no one is going to want to get in front of him. He's pretty nasty. McCormick plays too high at times. This allows his chest to be exposed and defenders will take advantage of that with power. Also needs to play with a better base and anchor better. Bull rushes can give him trouble. Needs NFL coaching and refinement. Has plenty of upside because of his traits.

5th Round

Trevor Keegan
: 6'5, 310 lbs, 32.375'' arms, 5.24 (40 Yard), 30.5 (Vertical), 4.63 (Shuttle), 7.41 (3 Cone): He is mostly sound and fundamental. He is an ok mover and ok with pass and run blocking. He's someone you take in the middle rounds and he'll make a decent to good backup. You feel good with him starting for a few games. Eventually you might even feel good with him starting for you. Solid player. Will struggle with power guys. Will struggle with speedy guys. Michael Jurgen is a similar player with sound fundamentals.

6th Round

Jacob Monk:
6'3, 308 lbs, 32.375'' arms, 5.09 (40 Yard), 29.5'' (Vertical), 31 Reps (Bench): He'll be 23 in his rookie season. Great power and good straight line speed. Looks like a pretty good athlete but needs coaching. His hand usage is not the best and he needs to have better balance. He lunges and misses at times. He leans forwards when he is run blocking and pass protecting. He allows the defenders to make contact first at times and that is going to not fly in the NFL. He needs to take the fight to the defender. Karsen Barnhart tested very well also and might be worth a flyer based on traits and he played at Michigan.

7th Round or UDFA

Jarrett Kingston:
6'4, 306 lbs, 32'' arms, 5.02 (40 Yard), 7.53 (3 Cone), 4.47 (Shuttle), 31.5'' (Vertical), 36 Reps (Bench): Versatile dude that has played everywhere on the line. He lacks length and his home is likely to be at one of the Guard spots. Great athlete. He can move very well and has great power. Has all of the traits to be a good Guard. He's really flying under the radar and he should get drafted after his pro day at USC. Brady Latham also tested very well and in particular -- the agility tests. He could be a priority UDFA.