7 for 7 Series: Tight Ends!

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May 3, 2021
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I don't think this is a very deep TE class. There are some really athletic guys in the middle and late rounds. I think there are some that might eventually develop into starters and flourish. Right now though, there aren't many that can start right away. At least that's my opinion. Most of these guys will make great number 2 or 3 TEs.

1st Round

Brock Bowers
: 6'3, 243 lbs, 9.75'' hands, 32.75'' arms: He'll be 22 by the end of his rookie season. I think everyone knows him. The only TE worthy of a 1st round selection by far. I won't bore everyone but I'll just add I don't think he can play the traditional inline TE. He'll have to be an H-Back or even a bigger slot. That's where his home is in the NFL. He's an ok blocker but a play-making pass catcher. Great talent. Could very well be a first option in some offenses in the near future.

2nd Round

Ben Sinnott
: 6'4, 250 lbs, 32.75'' arms, 4.68 (40-yard), 1.59 (10-yard), 6.82 (3 Cone), 4.23 (Shuttle), 40'' (Vertical), 126'' (Broad): He'll be 22 in his rookie season. Initially, Sinnott reminded me of Kyle Juszcyk from the 49ers. I saw someone that moved around a whole lot. He was even used as a lead blocker on pulls and traditional runs. I thought he was destined to go to San Fran as a Juszcyk heir-apparent. Then he went to the Combine and blew up. He really is someone that does it all. He's fast, explosive, and quick enough to be a big slot like Sam LaPorta. He also holds up well to be an inline TE. However, I don't think that part of his game is the strongest. He's a functional inline blocker but he's much better when he can pull and be a lead blocker. He can catch with his hands and is pretty good after the catch. He glides and knives through the defense like Noah Fant. I wouldn't say he's a huge power guy with the ball in his hands like Gronk. Great all around TE.

3rd Round

Theo Johnson
: 6'6, 259 lbs, 10.25'' Hands, 33'' arms, 4.57 (40-yard), 1.55 (10-yard), 7.15 (3 Cone), 4.19 (Shuttle), 39.5'' (Vertical), 125'' (Broad), 19 Reps (Bench): He'll be 23 in his rookie year. He has all of the traits in the world. He's tall, big, and with long arms. He is fast, quick, and explosive. Because of this, he might go in the 3rd round. He doesn't have high end production at Penn State. He is a solid blocker when pulling, inline blocking, and pass blocking. However when he has to process a block like passing off blocks or when there are blitzers -- it gives him more trouble. He can have trouble picking up who to block. He also doesn't have the best hands nor run the best routes. He doesn't separate from defenders. Development is going to be huge for Johnson. If he develops his hands and route running then he'll be a star. Ja'Tavion Sanders could very well be selected here. He was expected to test really well but tested more as an average athlete.

4th Round

Tip Reiman
: 6'5, 271 lbs, 10.5'' Hands, 32.875'' arms, 4.64 (40-yard), 1.55 (10-yard), 7.02 (3 Cone), 4.26 (Shuttle), 33.5'' (Vertical), 121'' (Broad), 28 Reps (Bench): He'll be 23 in his rookie season. Reiman is easily projected to be an inline TE and he's an asset in the run game. His pass blocking needs a little more improvement but Reiman would fit a Grubb offense if it's a pull and trap heavy run scheme. As a pass catcher Reiman has good hands but rarely was he asked to run difficult routes. He was used in boot-legs, easy play action dump offs. I do wonder like Will Dissly if there is more to develop in that aspect of his game. He does have trouble separating from defenders even thought he's a great athlete. One of the biggest reasons is he is not the best route runner and doesn't really snap off his routes. This might end up being the sweet spot for TEs. Cade Stover, Jared Wiley, Jaheim Bell, Dallin Holker could go in the 4th or 5th rounds.

5th Round

Tanner McLachlan
: 6'5, 244 lbs, 9.5'' Hands, 33.25'' arms, 4.62 (40-yard), 1.62 (10-yard), 7.19 (3 Cone), 37' (Vertical), 118'' (Broad): He'll be 24 in his rookie season. McLachlan is a really good athlete and I think he is best used as an H-Back or big slot. Crossers and seam routes are going to have to be his bread and butter. He does lack a little bulk. He has a pretty lean frame. He's more of a natural mover in space and in zone than Reiman even though, the latter tested better. If he goes to an offense that takes advantage of speed and his ability to find open areas in zone then I think he'll have a real chance to break out. I think him going to a team like KC would be terrifying. He has flashes of Kelce in his game with his ability to catch and run & settle into spaces. He might end up higher than this.

6th Round

AJ Barner:
6'6, 251 lbs, 9'' Hands, 33.375'' arms, 4.84 (40-yard), 7.02 (3 Cone), 4.41 (Shuttle), 34.5'' (Vertical), 117'' (Broad), 22 Reps (Bench): He'll be 22 in his rookie season. AJ Barner is one of the best blocking TEs in the draft period. He is an asset pass blocking and really shines in run blocking. If there is someone to replace Will Dissly and take over for Pharoah Brown it is AJ Barner. He is a limited athlete but his lateral movement is solid (shuttle) but he lacks suddenness. He's Mr. Steady-Eddy. What you see is what you get. He's a TE 2 and I think he's going to stay in the league a long time doing that. He can run most of the routes but it's never going to simply beat NFL defenders in one on one situations.

7th Round

Devin Culp
: 6'3, 231 lbs, 9.25'' Hands, 32.875'' arms, 4.47 (40-yard), 1.55 (10-yard), 7.28 (3 Cone), 4.31 (Shuttle), 35'' (Vertical), 118'' (Broad): He'll be 24 in his rookie season. Culp is an older prospect but is one of the faster TEs in the class. He is extremely undersized but graded pretty well in the run game UW. Although, I don't think he was asked to block inline all that much. I don't think he has the best of hands and there is not that much power to his game. He'll have to develop his game so he can be a bigger slot type TEs. His traits might get him drafted.


Jack Westover
: 6'3, 243 lbs, 9'' hands, 32'' arms. Westover is undersized and not a great athlete. Grubb knows him and might give him a shot if he's not drafted. Hometown kid. It makes a lot of sense. There aren't many high end TEs with big time traits later in this area.