7 for 7 Series: Defensive Tackles!

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May 3, 2021
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There is no way to sugar coat this but I don't like this DT class. There are some guys at the top but it's a free-fall after the first few rounds.

For this purpose, I am going to stick with DTs (0-Tech, 1-Tech, and 3-Tech). DEs (5-Tech, 4i-Tech) will get their own write up. I like my DTs to be mean and with a high motor. It's very rare to find a twitched up 3-Tech that can be a true game-wrecker. I don't think there is anyone in this class that is a true game-wrecker but I think Byron Murphy and Johnny Newton are probably the closest to this.

1st Round

Byron Murphy
: 6'0, 297 lbs, 32'' arms, 4.87 (40-yard), 1.69 (10-yard), 4.50 (Shuttle), 7.50 (3 Cone), 33'' (Vertical), 28 Reps (Bench): He'll be 22 in his rookie season. He's probably the best 3-Tech in the draft class. Twitched-up athlete that explodes off the LOS. Led the country for DTs in pass rush win rate at over 19%. He has a lightening quick swim move. It's violent. Great first step. He's going to get washed up sometimes if double teamed or against a masher at Center or Guard. He doesn't get completely blown up and will be willing to hold up against double teams. Murphy is going to be a monster if he is asked to 1-gap. He sometimes can hold and react but he's better just attacking a gap. People are going to love his personality. He's a big teddy bear that will eat you if you cross him...

2nd Round

Ruke Orhorhoro:
6'4, 294 lbs, 34'' arms, 4.89 (40-yard), 1.67 (10-yard), 4.50 (Shuttle), 7.39 (3 Cone), 32'' (Vertical), 29 Reps (Bench): He'll be 23 in his rookie season. Another twitched-up athlete at the 3-tech position. I think he's probably going to need to get stronger to constantly hold up inside against NFL Guards and Centers. Moves super well for his size. Like Murphy, his motor runs hot all of the time. I think there is more to tap into here with Orhorhoro. He didn't have the best production in college but I think he needs more refinement. The size and athleticism is very intriguing. Needs to develop more techniques when rushing the passer. Not the most powerful bull-rush but there is room to grow with him.

3rd Round

McKinnley Jackson:
6'1, 326 lbs, 33.8'' arms, 5.26 (40-yard), 1.78 (10-yard), 4.90 (Shuttle), 7.56 (3 Cone), 25'' (Vertical), 26 Reps (Bench): He'll be 22 in his rookie season. Dude is a 1-Tech and can hold up to be a NT. Short and stout with good arm length. He's a little bit like Brandon Mebane. Powerful run stopper that can explode off the line. He doesn't have a full pass rush arsenal and lacks the quickness and twitch. His role in the NFL will be to eat double teams and stop the run.

4th Round

Fabien Lovett:
6'4, 316 lbs, 35.5'' arms, 5.00 (40-yard), 1.75 (10-yard), 4.82 (Shuttle), 7.89 (3 Cone), 23'' (Vertical), 24 Reps (Bench): He'll turn 25 in his rookie season. He carries his weight really well and has great length at the DT position. I don't think he's stout enough to be a true NT. He can probably play 1-tech or do parts of 4i or 3T on running downs. He doesn't have much pass rush but he's a big dude that has a high motor. He eats blocks and room along that DLine. He's going to have to beat guys with his hands and not really because of his burst or quickness. He's sort of this year's Cam Young.

5th Round

Jordan Jefferson
: 6'2, 316 lbs, 33'' arms, 5.08 (40-yard), 1.78 (10-yard), 31'' (Vertical), 34 Reps (Bench): He was LSU's NT tackle this past season. He'll be 23 during his rookie season. He's a pretty powerful force when he gets going but his pads can get a little high which will cause him to lose ground. He doesn't really have much pass rush skills but is a heavy handed NT. He lacks the quickness and suddenness that makes a DT unique. He can drive the Center or Guard back if blocked 1-1 during running plays. He's not dynamic to be a real force on passing down.

6th Round

Khristian Boyd:
6'2, 329 lbs, 31.5'' arms, 38 Reps (Bench): He'll be 24 in his rookie season. Right now he's a 1 gap type of player. He is best using his power and strength to shoot and attack a gap. He's still pretty raw and it will show up against NFL Guards and Centers. He is better going straight and struggles moving laterally. Can use better coaching to use his hands better. Blew up in the Shrine Bowl. NFL Combine snub. He played a lot at NT in college but I think he can be a pretty effective 3T during running plays because his first step and get-off is effective when asked to just take off in 1 gap.

7th Round

Myles Murphy
: 6'4, 309 lbs, 33.8'' arms, 5.20 (40-yard), 1.81 (10-yard), 4.53 (Shuttle), 29'' (Vertical), 20 Reps (Bench): He'll be 24 in his rookie season. He has nice size and build. He is a run stopper that lacks foot speed and agility to be an effective pass rusher. He can overwhelm smaller blockers but often is pushed off the the LOS or can't hold up as much against double teams. His bull rush is probably his best rush move and most effective move to beat blockers.


Jonah Laulu: 6'5, 292 lbs, 33.5'' arms, 4.98 (40-yard), 1.71 (10-yard), 4.59 (Shuttle), 7.57 (3 Cone), 36'' (Vertical), 24 Reps (Bench): Laulu is a really explosive DT but is also an older prospect. He graduated from high school in 2018. I don't know much about him. He was pretty productive at Oklahoma this past season. He might be worth the shot because he's such a great athlete.
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