Since I've Been Loving You

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Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:35 pm
  • ... I'm about to lose my worried mind.

    This Miami game... it kinda makes my life a drag

    If Robert Plant traded in his Wolverhampton Wanderers jersey for a Seattle Seahawks one and became a Seahawks fan, "Since I've Been Loving You" would certainly be his dedication to the team. The kind of passion-wrapped agony he sings with sounds so much like me on more than just a few occasions this year. Only he's wailing over finding out his girl is cheating on him, I'm doing it because the Seahawks tore my heart out again and are being accused of cheating the system in the process. There's no getting around it, yesterday was as brutal a day as they come. If you were Roger Goodell himself, you couldn't have scripted a worse day for the Seahawks. It just never gets any easier, does it?

    It was obvious from the get-go that this team would struggle with the formerly free falling Dolphins. That much was clear when the Seahawks took over a quarter to get their first first down of the game. Even the most optimistic Seahawks fan with the deepest shade of blue tinted glasses would have to admit that the Seahawks didn't come to SunLife Stadium fully prepared. Whether it was poor game planning by the coaches or overconfidence on the part of the players, regardless the Seahawks dropped their 5th road game of the season. As usual with the Seahawks, it's not that they lost but how they lost that makes everything so frustrating. It's also the fact that I said I wouldn't do this to myself again. Yeah, I lied.

    Everybody trying to tell me that you didn't mean me no good.
    I've been trying, Lord, let me tell you, Let me tell you I really did the best I could.
    I've been Hawkin' from 97' to 2011 every night, I said It kinda makes my life a drag.
    Lord, that ain't right...
    Since I've Been Loving You, I'm about to lose my worried mind.

    It's true, since I've been loving the Seahawks I've been about to lose my worried mind. I actually might have already. Everybody did try to warn me that being a Seahawks fan would be rough. I didn't care! I loved the uniforms and the fact that they were the underdog and the outcast. I was a different kind of cat. Fast forward to the present and all I've got to show for it is a memory littered with too many shitty losses to count, especially on the road. I want to say that this Dolphins game yesterday vaults to the top of my shortlist of shitty losses but I can't. There are just too many others that were just as bad, if not worse. However, there can't possibly be many worse days in Seahawks history than the one the team endured yesterday. Not only did they lose a winnable game on the road to an inferior opponent, again, but they also face the misfortune of possibly losing two of their best players. With Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman now both staring down the barrel of a 4 game suspension gun from the NFL for allegedly testing positive for a banned substance, the shit just hit the fan.

    When it rains...

    Remember when I said that I wouldn't do it to myself anymore? I'm talking about letting myself get too hyped up before a Seahawks road game. After the Detroit game I vowed to myself that I wouldn't get my hopes up before a road game until the team proved that they could win on the road. I guess the month gap between road games got my guard down. There I was watching helplessly as the Dolphins moved the ball on the Seahawks at will. I had seen this script before and I hate how the story ends. I swear I felt like I was watching the Titanic sink. Mental lapses, blown coverage, and tepid play, all the ingredients in a Seahawks letdown were in abundance. An absolute roller coaster of emotions that few teams can provide on a weekly basis like the Seahawks do. I was going nuts when Bobby Wagner got his second INT of the game, or so I thought. The only thing crazier than that outburst was my reaction to the flag being thrown on Earl for making contact with Tannehill's helmet. The correct call was made but what a lousy rule it is to begin with. Thomas was airborne and made sure not to lead with his helmet when taking down Tannehill. Regardless, it was almost predictable that there would be a flag down on the play. My emotions swung again when Leon took the ensuing kickoff to the house for his record tying 8th career kickoff return for a TD. I thought for sure that the football God's had trumped Roger Goodell's desire to "clean up the game." It wasn't meant to be though because the Dolphins moved the ball down the field at will en route to a game tying score. It was then that I really knew how this one was about to go down.


    No need to rehash the specifics. It was rough enough to watch live, no need to do that to ourselves again. You know how it goes on the road. Seahawks coach and play as if they're playing not to lose while the hungry opponent sees this and takes advantage. Playing for the jugular and the win in the process. So we'll leave it at that. If you've seen it once as a Seahawks fan then you've see it a million times. After the game I was an intense blend of pissed off mixed with disappointment and apathy. I sat there for an hour just doing nothing really. Being a Seahawks fan reminds me a lot of one of my favorite clips from the Godfather and one I've shared before in this space of internet...

    Just when I think I'm never going to fall for it again, they pull me back in! Pacino's expression here sums up my feelings entirely. First, an overwhelming sigh. Then, trying to hold it together and stay sane. Finally, the frustration boils over and you end up looking nuts. It's like I've got Battered Wives Syndrome for the Seahawks. No matter how many times the Seahawks come home late or kick my ass, I always allow the hope for a better tomorrow to get the better of me. We all know the familiar feeling all too well. I guess that's part of the gift and the curse that come along with being a fan. I always found it funny how resilient the human spirit can be. In the moments after the tragedy at SunLife I was a wreck. Didn't want to be seen by anyone and believe me no one would've wanted to see me with the foul mood I was in. Hours later the news broke on Sherman and Browner and rather than slink down to an even lower state of mind, my spirit did a funny thing. It started to fight. It started to create hope. I started to believe!

    The jury's out whether it's false hope or not. Homerism possibly, who knows. We'll see I guess. All I know is that nothing would surprise me with this team. Sure they've got their warts but who doesn't in the NFL right about now? Look around the league and you'll see uneven performances by supposed great teams on a week to week basis. In fact, the Seahawks consistently poor play on the road is actually one of the few consistencies in the league right now. As twisted as that is. Need some reasons why not to jump off your closest bridge? Here's a pretty big one...

    Remember kids... train, say your prayers, and take your vitamins

    In America it's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, so I'll reserve judgment on the matter of the suspensions until after it's handled with. Until then, let's just assume that Sherman and Browner do get suspended for four games a piece. With the defense taking such a big hit it'll be up to the Rook to step up his game even more than he already has throughout the season. After the Miami game you can bet future opponents will break down the film and try to break down the Seahawks running game as well. This coupled with a probable decline in production from the defense will probably mean that Russell will see an increased load. At this point in the season, I would not be at all worried about the Seahawks letting Wilson air it out 35-40 times a game. He's earned our trust and put in a dazzling performance against the Dolphins. It all starts and ends with #3 and we're lucky to have him.

    More Robert Turbin
    Beast Mode took a beat down from the Fins interior line on Sunday. I think now would be the perfect time for an increased load from Robert Turbin as well. He looked good when given a chance against Miami and looks great catching passes out of the backfield. I think it's time he shoulder more of the load in an effort to keep Marshawn fresh. His initial burst is pretty impressive.

    Aggressive Play calling on D
    Without his two best corners in his pocket, Gus Bradley will have to adapt on defense and will probably have to dial up some more pressure in order to protect the new starting cornerbacks, whomever they may be. I look forward to more exotic blitzes that aren't as easy for opposing quarterback's to diagnose at the line of scrimmage. There's no coincidence that the Seahawks win at home, where they create more pressure on the quarterback. They've got to now force the issue on the road.

    No need to fear, the underdog is here
    Some teams just play better as the underdog, for whatever reason. It's true in the case of the New York Giants and I'm pretty sure it's true with the Seahawks too. Would anybody really be surprised if this team went into Soldier Field and upset the Bears? I wouldn't. It would make too much sense! Wishful thinking? Maybe. However, I've been watching this team long enough to know that no matter what, they'll always surprise you...

    We heard countless times in camp how this team was built to "win a street fight" and that they were built to become battle tested and overcome adversity. They've taken a few blows to the head and just went down for the second time. Like any great fighter, they've got to dig deep and get back up on their feet. This season ain't over yet, even with the potential lose of Sherm and Browner. I love those guys as much as the next 12, but two players does not a team make. We've seen guys step up and play well when needed in a bind. We saw it with Sherm last season when he came in for Walter Thurmond III and look how that ended up. We also saw it with John Moffitt providing excellent relief for James Carpenter yesterday and prior to Carpenter returning from injury. The next man up has to do his job. Let's see what some of the reserves can do when given a shot. It's been a long, grind of a season that has somehow gone by in the blink of an eye. The Seahawks can't afford to blink anymore or else they could be on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.

    Some Tunes: "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin of course.

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Re: Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:13 pm
  • Nice post man. Thanks.
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Re: Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:19 pm
  • Great post
    Hasselbeck wrote:Matt Flynn should be our starter. Wilson is nothing more than a backup and will never amount to anything in this league.
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Re: Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:24 pm
  • Great post
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Re: Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:40 pm
  • Great post indeed.
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Re: Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:57 pm
  • Great write NYC.
    It's like I'm listening to my inner thoughts again.
    We,,strike that,,THEY only lost by a short score again ( like so many others this Season ) so I was in the make believe mode, right up until the Phins started off down the field like the Lions did to us, and AGAIN I got that sinking feeling.

    The fact that the score was close at the end AGAIN, they might as well have been down by 30, because a damned loss is a damned loss.

    Hard to argue that your team is the better one on the field, when the better so called players are having so many brain farts, and making so many mistakes.

    There is a legitimate gripe by the fans that are calling for piss-poor Coaching calls.
    Playing not to lose?, ya, that's working,, NOT!!
    I'm thankful for not knowing about BB & RS while they played in that debacle of a game. what an insult, (pretty sh*tty when that's one of the positives about this game)
    Wonder if it wasn't eating at Pete too?, wonder how long he's been aware of it, and how he will punish all those involved,,because everybody knows that he's going to have to come down on them for effing up.
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Re: Since I've Been Loving You
Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:50 pm
  • Nice post. Love me some Zep
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