Top 25 Senior Bowl prospects entering the 2021


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Top 25 Senior Bowl prospects entering the 2021 college football season

In August, Reese's Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy and his experienced scouting staff released their watch list for next year's game. The roll of over 500 prospects being evaluated for the annual college all-star classic in Mobile, Alabama, included players representing nearly every level of college football, from Power Five schools to Division III Wisconsin-Whitewater.

8) Adam Anderson, Edge, Georgia (6-5, 230)

Anderson is one of the more interesting prospects in the draft class because he is expected to play somewhere around three times as many snaps as a senior as he had in previous years. He's been an excellent pass rusher for the Bulldogs, using his height and flexibility to win the edge against SEC tackles while also dropping into coverage. Anderson hasn't shied away from contact against those massive tackles when playing the run. His stock will skyrocket if he consistently plays with physicality despite his lean frame.

7) Kingsley Enagbare, Edge, South Carolina (6-4, 265)

Enagbare (pronounced ee-NAG-bar-ee) nagged SEC quarterbacks enough (six sacks in eight games) to earn first-team all-conference accolades as a junior. He could play standing up or in a three-point stance at the next level, as he does for the Gamecocks. Enagbare converts speed to power for a bull rush, turns the corner on the outside and chases down ball-carriers on a regular basis. He's also effective as a stack-and-shed player against the run on the edge.

6) Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia (6-6, 340)

When Davis is fresh and plays with a good pad level, he's a tough ask for college interior offensive linemen. He maintains the line of scrimmage on run downs and can get an upfield push when quarterbacks drop back, squeezing the pocket so the edge rushers can get home. Davis is willing to move down the line to chase, as well, which is a frightening sight for most ball-carriers. ... all-season


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All solid options. But if we continue to play bad Kayvon Thibodeaux could be a possibility.

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