State of the Seahawks: Jodi Allen/Ownership Must Not Fail


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Mar 13, 2014
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Truth Ray
So much to go over, and I'm afraid I can't get to it all. I'd need to write a 500 page report to do that, but I humbly request you read this shortened, cliff notes version.

The Seahawks have the worst left side in football. Wilson had an incredible game given the circumstances and issues that are going on from LT-LG-C. That 3 position combo is the worst it's ever been. RG & RT are merely okay.

Oldman Peterson comes in off the street and immediately becomes the best back on the team. Pathetic. And is the result of poor drafting, and planning for the position that Pete values so highly and has continually emphasized.

Pete centered his program around defense and running the ball. He has failed spectacularly. They are poorly constructed, overspending recources on Safeties and LBers.

The PPG allowed is a mirage. I will give the defense credit for bending, and not breaking in the redzone. But there are 3 other major factors why the Seahawks defense is terrible in so many categories, yet somehow rank somewhat highly in PPG, currently 7th.

1) The offense has sucked for long stretches, so the opponent has no urgency to score themselves. Classic rope-a-dope. "It all fits together. We have a style. I need my offense to play a certain way to help my defense." -Pete Carroll

2) The offense despite sucking for long stretches, does one thing outstanding. And I credit this to Pete Carroll as well. They don't turn it over. If Seattle was middle of the pack in this stat alone the defense's PPG ranking would dissipate.

3) Michael Dickson. Having him continually pin team's deep makes it harder to score TDs. Thus lower PPG. Special teams is not defense.

The X's & O's side of things on defense they are terrible. And I could write an entire NFL handbook on not what to do. But I'll just touch on the one thing that bothers me the most right now. They routinely get beat by the same concept over and over when it matters. Where the opponent has a receiver carry the underneath zone defender and then bring a second receiver right behind him into the newly vacated zone. It happens over and over. That is why they continue to get chewed up basically ranking 32nd in yards per game. 0.2 yards per game from being dead last.

It's why there was a wide open Receiver in the endzone at the end of the game. Thankfully the ball got tipped. This was figured out and exploited by the Denver Broncos all the way back in 2014!! And it's still going on to this day. This, like many issues with the team have been going on for YEARS. Things get broken, never get fixed, more gets shoveled onto the QB's plate, people get mad and blame said QB for the dumpster fire when they don't win, but are cool and overlook these glaring issues as long as they win. Never realizing the chicken's will come home to roost eventually. (This year.)

What I'm trying to say is the team has an array of issues, and when the team is screwed up it's going to effect the QB's performance at times, especially when his throwing hand has been mutilated.

Wilson is not the problem. He needs to play better, yes. And yesterday was a start. But he is not the problem with the franchise when you look at the bigger picture.

Some said he was incapable of playing this style of game, getting the ball out quick, not ignoring the middle of the field, hitting slants->
Whelp, he just did.

Watch these Greg Olsen & DK vids (Originally posted by massari in another thread)->
They offer the context of players on the team that are/were on the inside. Not just some fan's or mediot's opinion.

Olsen goes in @ 13:15


Those vids w/Greg Olsen & DK are spot-on and obvious.

Pete Carroll has some good traits, but his negatives FAR outweigh his positives at this point. Especially in the context of him having so much power. Pete Carroll the GM has done the most damage by a metric ton. Far more than Pete Carroll the coach could ever do. Pete would never accept a demotion like what happened with Holmgren, and has said as much in interviews in the past. So, Pete's time is up. He had his run, it's time for change.

Trading Wilson should be on the table, but that should be decided by the new brain trust. Not the current one.

I think the better play would be to spend the upcoming $60M in cap space on O-Line, and a proper 3T to help the defense. Get another vet WR in Free Agency. Y'know build around the QB properly like other teams do. A novel concept I know, but it's worth a shot.

Then attack the draft by adding another corner, 2 RBs, and another WR in the draft. It may seem like they are a ways away from being great, but the beauty of the NFL is you can turn it around real quick if you have a QB.

Trade the QB and you're looking at being perennial losers for a long time. Literally 80% of 1st round QBs have busted since 2000 and that number goes up even further if they are not the #1 overall pick, if you're metric is he must be a franchise guy, of course. (Which it should be if you're taking a guy in the 1st round.) So I wouldn't count Chad Pennington as a success, as no team in their right mind would build a franchise around Chad Pennington. There are no good QB prospects in this upcoming class either to boot. So you're stuck with waiting another year anyway.

Jodi Allen reports have surfaced that she isn't pleased, which is good. Some were concerned with ownership being totally hands-off and it being a rudderless ship. That is not the case. And from a business standpoint with $$$Billions$$$ on the line, I was never concerned myself due to the financials involved, but it was a valid concern.

Now here is the important part…

Don't fall for the turnaround. The Seahawks are going to win most of their games the rest of the way, due to the schedule. I think. DET, HOU, CHI, they'll get the AZ game because they will be resting starters is also very likely. They'll lose to the Rams cuz: Paper-Rock-Scissors = 49ers-Rams-Seahawks.

The great example is Dan Quinn, who went 6-2 down the stretch with ATL so they brought him back another year, only for the trainwreck to continue. It put them behind. The Seahawks can no longer afford to continue to slide off into the abyss doing the same thing season after season, the franchise is bleeding out, and needs to cauterize the wound. Time to start taking steps forward and change at the top must occur for this to happen, no more Re-Pete.


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Oct 10, 2012
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Thanks for taking the time, appreciate it.

Keep saying, those calling for Wilson's head or wanting him traded are insane. He is the only reason you see those division banners in the rafters. He and the LOB is the only reason you see that SB banner, not because of Pete Carroll, but despite of him.