Seahawks 2023 mock draft: John Schneider edition


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Mar 17, 2023
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Just curious about a few defensive players you would like at #30? I also would prefer a defensive player at #30, but this mock was focused on BPA.
Kancey if available
Ade ade
Nolan smith


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Apr 17, 2012
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It will be SO fascinating to see who DROPS on draft day, after the media has conditioned us to be familiar with specific players. And also to see all the "WHO??!!" players that get picked at spots no media person projected them at. Wayback: shades of "Jack Sikma? Who's he??" and, more recent, DK's tearful, "Why y'all wait so long??"


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Sep 16, 2012
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We have a high round rb, who was almost the offense rookie of the year. We don't need another one. Draft a big bruiser downhill back later on and call it good. And with ten picks, there is no need to trade back as in previous years when we didn't have many picks. Don't overthink it.


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Nov 3, 2013
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In this mock I have John Schnieder doing what he likes to do, and that is trade. He has the draft capital to move up/down or to acquire players from other teams. I have him trading down once, trading one of our players for a draft pick, and trading one of our draft picks for another team's players. Forewarn, I have John signing a veteran ILB before the draft.

1st round #9 (from Panthers) - (DE/DT) Calijah Kancey 6'0" 280 lbs. Pittsburgh: Kancey is the best pass rushing DT in the draft. For us he would be DE on our 3-4 defense. He is undersized as a 3-4 DE, length wise, but so is Aaron Donald who is a stud regardless of where you line him up. Kancey is not an easy guy for offensive linemen to get their hands on.

1st round #20 - (RB) Bijan Robinson 6'0" 220 lbs. Texas: Schnieder drafts a once in a generation RB talent in Robinson. Robinson's powerful running is what John & Pete prefer at RB. He has good balance, power, vision, agilty, and speed.

TRADE: Seahawks trade (RB) Ken Walker to Eagles for 1st round #30. Walker, with his tendency to dance in the backfield, is not a perfect fit for Coach Carroll. So now with Bijan on the roster, Carroll has his ideal RB for his offense.

1st round #30 (from Eagles) - (TE) Michael Mayer 6'4" 265 lbs. Notre Dame:
Schnieder again goes for BPA even though it's not a big need. Mayer is not an elite athlete, and high 1st round TEs lately have a bad track record of not being worth selected as a high 1st or mid-1st round pick. I think Mayer's comp is our own former TE Zach Miller. Miller was highly productive in college, but he didn't have great NFL combine numbers. Which caused him to fall to the 2nd round. Mayer is a nice route runner, has soft hands, and is built like a tank.

2nd round #37 (from Broncos) - (OLB/DE) Thomas Incom 6'4" 265 lbs. Central Michigan: At this point Schnider takes a shot at a small school pass rusher. Incom has good size and explosiveness to be disruptive. He is a project, but size, explosiveness, bend, and balance can't be taught. He will have a chance to compete as a starter or at worst provide legit depth as a pass rusher.

TRADE: Seahawks trade 2nd round #42 to Washington Commanders for (DT/DE) Daron Payne 6'3" 320 lbs.: Payne is only 25 years old and is an established beast on the defensive line. For us I would play him at DE on our 3-4 defense. Payne had a very good 10-yard split (for a DT) 1.66. He is a monster vs the run and can be disruptive vs the pass. He would be the Alpha dog on our defense.

2nd round #51 - (DT/NT/DE) Gervon Dexter 6'6" 312 lbs. Florida: Dexter is a monster vs the run and can also provide some push as a pass rusher. With Dexter and Payne we would have two elite run defenders with nice pass rush... and Kancey would be the constant disruptive d-lineman on every play. Young hungry dogs lead by an Alpha in D.Payne. In this highlight you can see him go up against Georgia OC Van Pran, who I think will be a 1st round prospect, and rag doll him vs the run.

3rd round #83 - (QB) Hendon Hooker 6'4" 218 lbs. Tennessee: Hooker is a good athlete and has arm talent. There are questions about his accuracy, and he was in a QB friendly offense. He is also coming off an injury. But, at this point of the draft he is worth selecting. With the supporting cast around him on the offensive side of the ball will be amzaing for any QB especially a rookie.

4th round #122 - (OG) McClendon Curtis 6'6" 328 lbs. Chattanooga: Big man that will start day-1 at OG.

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5th round #153 - (ILB) Ben VanSumeren 6'3" 240 lbs. Michigan State: Ben is a good sized athletic ILB. May be a ILB to keep an eye on during the draft process.

5th round #156 - (CB) Carrington Valentine 6'0" 194 lbs. Kentucky: CV has good length and athleticism. He could be another CB steal in the 5th round for the Seahawks.

6th round #197 - (WR) Puka Nacua 6'2" 205 lbs. BYU: Puka has good size and is a sneaky athlete. Young cheap WRs gives us the opportunity to sign the more difficult positions to evaluate or find.

You did great work here. I hope for a QB in the draft. It doesn't have to be a current superstar in waiting. Someone that should have a future as a starter. This team NEEDS one, and a new Head Coach and staff.