Mark Schlereth - "It's all about mitigating Russell Wilson"


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Sep 6, 2012
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Sammamish, WA
inb4 @SoulfishHawk tells me to "let it go" ✌️
Nah, I haven't talked about that guy in a very long time. But that was pretty funny, nicely done :)
No laugh reaction needed. Sorry to Maelstrom, he is quite obsessed. Meh. I'm gonna' retire from laugh reactions just like I long since retired from that former QB stuff. It has ran it's course. It's just a message board, and a place to talk football. Nothing more.
Plus, dude is a fricken weirdo, period.
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Apr 17, 2012
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That's what I've heard 😂
"olyfan63 said:
It's the Golden Tate look he's after. Chicks dig Golden Tate."

Background: It seemed like the last couple off-seasons Tate was here, people would post pics of Golden Tate and his offseason "dad bod" and question his commitment to fitness, commitment to the team, etc. and then Tate would come back and light it up and instantly the concerns would go away.

Golden Tate's dad bod was so appealing to women, well, you know... Anyway, apparently now it's a dad bod nuclear arms race, for Russell, maybe dead set on keeping Ciera out of Future's arms?

I'm probably making it worse by explaining it. Certain rumors are unconfirmed. There was a divorce. That's all I know.


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Oct 9, 2017
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Good point!

The Carroll-hating crowd blamed Carroll. Of course, I suspect they blame him when the stock market is down (and they're not shorting), or when it rains on a Saturday or something. According to them, it was Carroll's incompetence that caused all the problems with the play clock.

Isn't it odd, then, that the Broncos had those problems with the play clock so badly in 2022 that fans in their stadium were counting down the last five seconds of the play clock out loud, while the Seahawks were completely different. There were so many times during the season when Smith was looking at the defense after the huddle and calling pre-snap signals, I would get worried about the play clock (I'd been conditioned to do so by the previous several years of Seahawks football) and glance at it on the screen, and then I'd feel an overwhelming sense of relief because there were still 12 or 13 seconds left on the clock. The days of getting to the line to start calling the signals with five seconds left on the clock were over for the 'Hawks. Not for the Broncos, but that's just an added bonus. I still dislike the Broncos from the Seahawks' days in the AFC West.
Actually we had to waste timeouts a lot for awhile too. I know we want to laugh/blame russ but play clock happened here too.