ESPN ranks Seahawks 1st wide receiver, last OL


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Sep 16, 2012
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LOLOLOLOL and it's ALL Geno Smith's fault, Geno should be ABLE to take any sh*t O-Line and turn them into a top ten group, I mean hell, Patrick Mahomey could do it with one arm tied behind his a$$, Right?
C'mon y'all Geno Haters, I have my As$ out here in the wind, so back me up, eh? :-()
About time you saw the light. Lol.


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Mar 28, 2024
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As a Husky fan, Im not as excited about Troy as some of you are. I'd rather the kid from Oregon State.
He's projected to fall to 18, so we could get him at 16.

UW used to be an OL factory. Has a history of great OL. So Im swimming against the tide on this one. But still not convinced Troy is the best option for us.
You’re downplaying Troy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an all pro in his first 3 years. The ability to play all 5 positions WELL is extremely important considering what happened to our line last year. And the fact that abe Lucas had a knee issue that will always limit him means we need someone like that.

Now, that’s why fuaga would be a good selection too, since he’s a more natural right tackle than fautanu. I’m fine with either and they’re my two favorite in the draft. I do think fuaga goes top before we pick though, as he commonly goes before Troy in drafts.

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