ESPN’s Passan: Why Mariners still have a shot vs Astros


Mar 3, 2007
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North Pole, Alaska
The man formerly known as Jeff (Wet Blanket) Passan, is now Jeff (The Doctor) Passan

Tuesday’s Game 1 of the American League Division Series was one of the toughest single-game losses the Mariners have ever endured, but there’s still a lot of series left to go and they’ve shown they belonged in October.

That’s something ESPN MLB reporter Jeff Passan stressed when he joined Seattle Sports’ Brock and Salk for his weekly conversation on Wednesday morning.

Asked matter of factly why the Mariners still have a shot ...

“Because they have Luis Castillo going in Game 2,” he said.

“Because they potentially have George Kirby going in Game 3.

Because the crowd at T-Mobile is going to be absolutely bananas (for Game 3 on Saturday).

Because their lineup, if it can hit Justin Verlander (the odds on favorite to win the AL Cy Young award), it can hit absolutely anybody.

Because Scott Servais will learn from his mistakes,

Because Robbie Ray is bound to rebound from his,

And because the complete turning of ‘The Wet Blanket’ into potentially ‘The Doctor’ is going to fuel the good vibes that are necessary to make this happen.”



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Sep 6, 2012
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Sammamish, WA
If they win today, we have a HUGE shot. However, Scott Clueless Servais ruined every bit of momentum they had. We caught them rusty from the long break. We don't get that tonight.
What's next? Maybe he'll Start Ray in game 3. He's that loyal to a guy who is NOT getting it done. All while we have ACTUAL RELIEVERS nice and rested. I would rather have Flex on this roster than Ray at this point. He is toast.