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Mar 3, 2007
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North Pole, Alaska
BROCK AND SALK -- Who should the Mariners target in Free Agency?

Salk opens the show with some thoughts on a certain New York Yankee who is available this year as a free agent and can't say that he's excited about the potential signing because of the pinstripe-factor, but Salk is sure that Aaron Judge is a name we'll be hearing more about as the offseason progresses. We revisit the conversation w/ Albert Breer to hear his take on who owes Pete Carroll and apology, the debacle in Denver, Geno Smith's impressive start and praise for Seahawks rookies.

BROCK AND SALK -- Favorite Seahawks rookies, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan

With the Seahawks starting SIX rookies on this year's team, Salk asks Maura and Justin who their favorite is and why. Maura picks Coby Bryant, Justin picks Tariq Woolen, and Salk chooses Abe Lucas for how he sets the tone at the line of scrimmage as a huge, physical, and fast OL who is doing a fantastic job in the run game. We are joined by ESPN Senior MLB Insider Jeff Passan who addresses the Astros hate, how the M's can shorten the gap between them and which free agent targets could be likely/unlikely to join the M's.

BROCK AND SALK -- The KJ Wright Show

Another fantastic episode of the KJ Wright Show covers how the defense looked vs LA, Pete sound on proving the doubters wrong and how Geno is making his best plays. What did KJ make of Pete’s signal to Geno to stay calm?

BROCK AND SALK -- KJ Wright, Washington Wednesday and Ranked

KJ Wright sticks around for one more segment to finish his debate with Salk on changing his mind about Geno Smith. Then, Brock joins us for a Washington Wednesday discussion on Michael Penix Jr. and Justin and Salk have another edition of Ranked.

BUMP AND STACY -- Dave Wyman's in-person observations from the Seahawks' 4th win

Bump and Stacy are joined by Seahawks color analyst and Seattle Sports' Dave Wyman to start off the third hour of Monday's show. What did Wyman like the most from the Seahawks' convincing win over the Chargers? he shares. Later, Bump and Stacy discuss the under-the-radar moments from Sunday that caught their eye. Also, has the Seahawks' 4-3 start to the season changed your expectations for them?

BUMP AND STACY -- CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd on the shifting CFB landscape, Pac-12 media rights negotiations

How will the Pac-12 shake out once all conferences have their TV deals in place? When is the earliest we can expect expansion to the College Football Playoff? Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports stops by the show to answers all of those questions. In Four Down Territory, why was the Seahawks' run game so effective against the Chargers? On The Timeline, the gnarliest college football injury of the year.

BUMP AND STACY -- Larry Stone on the vindication of Pete Carroll & John Schneider

Larry Stone of The Seattle Times dials in to Bump and Stacy to discuss his recent column on why the 2022 season serves as vindication for the highly criticized offseason the Seahawks had. In NFL Headlines, Aaron Rodgers is throwing his teammates under the bus again.

WYMAN AND BOB - Hour 3 - Bill Krueger

Former Mariners pitcher, and current ROOT SPORTS analyst, Bill Krueger joins Dave and Bob to weigh in on the World Series matchup, what he liked from the Mariners rotation this season, the role he sees for a couple of bullpen arms, and where the team can add to improve this offseason. Then, Dave and Bob discuss the real opportunity for the Seahawks to take advantage of a down year in the NFC.

WYMAN AND BOB -- Darrell Taylor

Dave and Bob talk about what the biggest surprises have been for the Seahawks through seven weeks of the season. Then, linebacker Darrell Taylor joins the guys to break down his performance against the Chargers and discuss what has led to the improvements on defense over the last two weeks. Later, the guys weigh in on what DK Metcalf's injury will mean for the Seahawks offense.

WYMAN AND BOB -- Mark Schlereth

FOX NFL analyst Mark Schlereth joins Dave and Bob to admit he was wrong about preseason expectations for Geno Smith and the Seahawks and says what that Smith is one of the best stories in the NFL right now. Schlereth also talks about the parity in the NFL and if we are seeing the end of an era with both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers struggling this season. Dave and Bob then continue to discuss Geno Smith's impressive start to the year and weigh in on what has helped out the defense the past two weeks.

WYMAN AND BOB -- Ray Roberts

Former Seahawks offensive lineman Ray Roberts joins Dave and Bob to break down what rookie tackles Charles Cross and Abe Lucas have done well and how they have been able to acclimate to the NFL so quickly. The guys also discuss how underrated DK Metcalf is as a run blocker. Later, Dave and Bob talk about why Geno Smith is the perfect fit for what the Seahawks want to do on offense.

WYMAN AND BOB -- El Hombre & Michael Dickson

El Hombre joins the guys to describe the scene in Philly with the Phillies and Eagles in the midst of terrific seasons. The guys also preview the World Series matchup and take a look around the NFL. Then, Seahawks punter Michael Dickson joins Dave and Bob to discuss the Seahawks season and to talk about what punters do when the offense is doing well and they aren't actually punting in a game.

HAWKS LIVE -- Seahawks Running Back Ken Walker

Michael Bumpus and Ray Roberts are joined by Ken Walker to breakdown his 69 yard Touchdown run against the Saints and what his role will be going forward, Going inside the film room to dissect some plays from the week 5 matchup against the Saints, the guys Talk that Talk, Keys to Victory in week 6 against the Cardinals

HAWKS LIVE -- Seahawks Guard Phil Haynes

Michael Bumpus and Paul Moyer break down the Seahawks week 6 performance against the Arizona Cardinals, talk to Seahawks Guard Phil Haynes, and they go around the NFL discussing all the hot topics in the NFL World

HAWKS LIVE -- Seahawks Line Backer Boye Mafe

Michael Bumpus and Paul Moyer sit down with Seahawks Line Backer Boye Mafe, the go inside the film room and break down some highlight plays from the Week 6 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, they Talk That Talk, Keys to the game for the Week 7 Matchup against the LA Chargers

THE PETE CARROLL SHOW ON SEATTLE SPORTS -- Pete Carroll-"We've made a lot of progress, it's really obvious"

Pete Carroll joins Brock and Salk to discuss why he believes yesterday's win is a statement of things to come, give an update on DK Metcalf, answer whether he thinks Geno Smith is one of the best QB's in the league, talk about the fun of getting this rookie class acclimated and explain why he and John Schneider were confident in the big decisions made this off season.

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