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Mar 3, 2007
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BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 2-Is Geno Smith really worth $33m per year? Brady Henderson (ESPN)

It's sad to see Kyle Lewis go but the M's are at a point where they couldn't count on him bouncing back. Salk discussed Cooper Hummel with some Diamondbacks folks and learned he's the kind of player the analysts like but scouts don’t.

There have been a lot of Geno Smith Ryan Tannehill comparisons but Salk isn't sure he would want to re-sign the equivalent of Tannehill.

Brady Henderson (in for Brock Huard) answers Salk's question about what it would take to sign Geno this week and he says it could be $33m for a variety of reasons. Salk is stunned.

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 3-Joe Fann, Gee Scott (97.3 KIRO) on how much to pay Geno Smith

Joe Fann joins Salk for his weekly appearance and is presented with the idea that Geno Smith could cost up to $33m per year and doesn't disagree with the notion that he'll be more expensive than we originally thought.

The Kraken win at home last night in overtime and Salk is impressed with the bounce back.

Gee Scott (Gee & Ursula, 97.3 KIROfm) joins Salk in-studio every Friday and today was mostly about Thanksgiving side dishes, but also his own feelings on the Geno Smith upcoming pay-day.

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 4-Thanksgiving dinner debates, callers and Ranked

We continue a debate started while Gee was on in the last hour about which foods should and shouldn't be on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Then, it's Friday so have open phone lines for all your Mariners, Seahawks and Thanksgiving dinner takes.

Plus, another edition of Ranked.