7 for 7 Series: Cornerback

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May 3, 2021
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At this point, doing mock drafts has become more of a chore for me. There are just so many prospects I like and I will fully admit I enjoy the process of learning and discovering new players. Instead, I am going to do a 7 for 7 Series instead. I am going to highlight 7 players + 1 UDFA player for each position. These are players I really like and I think would be good players in the NFL. One player for each round. I'm going to start with the CBs.

I like my CBs to be obnoxious on the field, aggressive, and smart. These are players I'm targeting in the draft. They all have attitude and fits my idea of a CB. Nothing passive about any of these guys. The CB class is pretty deep from rounds 1-5. There aren't that many great athletes in the later rounds so that was a bummer.

1st Round

Quinyon Mitchell:
6'0, 195 lbs, 31'' arms, 4.33 (40-yard), 38'' (Vertical), 20 reps (Bench): He's aggressive and obnoxious on the field. He wants the best and is not scared of the best. Known to sit back in coverage and read the QB's eyes. He proved at the Senior Bowl he can press WRs but can he do it at the pro level? We don't know yet. He has everything to be a top notch CB. Good hips, great speed, good size. He has an alpha mentality. My top CB in this draft. He's an outside corner but can probably play inside if needed.

2nd Round

TJ Tampa:
6'1, 189 lbs, 32'' arms, 4.52 (40-yard), 4.07 (Shuttle), 6.97 (3 cone): He's someone that is a fringe 1st rounder to me. In most years, he would probably be taken in the first round. He's a long-strider that takes time to build speed. He does have plenty of make up speed. Has been clocked at over 21 mph in-game and has tape of him staying with AD Mitchell (4.34 speed) step for step in coverage. He's more shifty than I thought but can be a little tight hipped sometimes. He's the biggest thumper for the CBs in this class. He and Witherspoon delivering jarring hits would be a sight to see. Really good in man but needs refinement in zone. He's probably strictly an outside CB.

3rd Round

Renardo Green:
6'0, 186 lbs, 31'' arms, 4.49 (40-yard), 37.5'' (Vertical): Press coverage is the name of the game for Green. One of the better press man CBs in this draft. He's a willing and fundamental tackler but size can become an issue for him. He will put his nose in situations though. Tough dude. He held up really well against Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr. when FSU played LSU. The thing that holds him back is his ball skills and ball production. He's versatile but he might be too good to strictly be considered a Nickle. I think he has everything to be a very good CB2. To me, he's a slower version of Shaquill Griffin. I previously had Max Melton here but I think he's blown up too much.

4th Round

Jarrian Jones:
6'0, 190 lbs, 30'' arms, 4.38 (40-yard), 39.5'' (Vertical): He's a nasty nickleback. In the modern NFL, you can't have a great defense without a great nickleback. Jones can cover, hit, and can tackle with good fundamentals. Was graded very highly by PFF at the NCB position. He lacks length and his home is exclusively going to be inside. He might do well as a safety as well. Confident on the field. Has size to cover bigger inside WRs and has the speed and quickness to stay with the shifty guys. He does need to have better hips because certain routes might eat him alive. Footwork can be a mess at times. If you refine some technique stuff, you have a dog at the NCB position.

5th Round

Qwan'tez Stiggers: 5'11, 204 lbs, 31'' arms, 4.45 (40-yard), 36.5'' (Vertical): He was in the CFL last season and the rookie of the year. He couldn't play in college because of a family tragedy. He's intriguing. I don't know much about him but at this point of the draft, I like to take gambles on intriguing guys or freak athletes.

6th Round

AJ Woods: 5'10, 187 lbs, 29'' arms, 4.38 (40-yard), 37.5'' (Vertical), 16 reps (Bench), 6.56 (3 Cone): Aggressive little dude. He's always trying to scrap. I always love Pitt's CBs. They are often tough minded and physical as hell. They're always going to excel in man coverage. Woods is a great athlete. He can man up but like most Pitt CBs coming into the league -- he needs to work on zone coverage and play the ball. He needs to work on turning his head and pushing the WR to the boundaries on fade routes. He needs to work on his tackling because he can get very out of control diving at players' feet. Worth a flier because he can fly and is really quick.

7th Round

Chigozie Anusiem
: 6'1, 200 lbs, 32'' arms, 4.38 (40-yard), 37'' (Vertical): He started in the Pac 12 with Cal and then ended up at Colorado State. He has the build and athleticism to take a chance late. He is very stiff at times. He doesn't have the best hips. Right now, he's strictly an outside CB. I think he comps pretty well to someone like Mike Jackson from our own Seattle Seahawks but with more straight line speed. He needs to improve in zone and needs to refine his techniques.


Jarius Monroe: 6'0, 205 lbs, 32'' arms. Big and physical. Blew up in the East/West Shrine Game. Sort of slow to read things on crossers and in cutting routes. Limited athlete. Intriguing since there is some buzz about him.
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THank you for this format. It gives me some insight in to players that I know nothing about, but am interested in. I appreciate you taking the time to put these together, for people like me that cannot.