Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship Game Preview ...


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Oct 14, 2012
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It's that last game in SF that gives me so much hope. That game was part of this amazing hot streak that SF is on. We didn't play our best game and it was basically one defensive slip that gave them a 2pt win. That's not hugely impressive.

When the topics of opening the play book, rope-a-dope, the long con, etc are brought up, it's these plays that I think about, not us suddenly becoming another offense. That FB pass in the flat has been money for us, especially in the RZ, but you don't see it called much any more, which means teams won't be looking for it. Both that and the TE passes to Willson will open up or soften other areas where we do historically prefer to go with the O. Also, the read option. Wilson's not keeping the ball and "let it slip" this week that it's a fake RO, never designed for him to keep it. That's another area that can be exploited if the LB is biting hard on Marshawn. Set up the fake RO, exploit the QB keep later.

I think last week's offense suffered from an unfortunate correlation with going conservative once Percy went out. The beginning of the game didn't look or feel conservative, though. There's no benefit to Pete wanting a "vanilla" offense from here on out in order to prevent too much tape on our offense. If we get past the 9ers, neither AFC team has a great deal of experience with us and we have the Percy option which will negate a lot of game planning against our offense tendencies. So I think today will say a ton about who we are as an offense and what Bevell's really all about as an OC.