Might be cheesey - but some wishes for the season coming up!


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Mar 17, 2016
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First off, I wish that we defeat the Chiefs in the Superbowl – 56-0. A stunning shutout in Vegas!

Seriously though:

I wish that Geno flourishes in his 2nd year in command. He’s got the attitude and the skills. I want to see him use all his new weapons and the time that the Defense is gonna give him to really SHINE.

I wish that if Geno is struggling that he doesn’t get happy feet and start forcing things like he was tending to the 2nd half of last season.

I hope that Pete lets Waldron loose on the playbook. I want TE sets. I want misdirection. I want some power running. I want all the stuff Waldron was starting last year.

I wish that K9 will block for the passing game with enthusiasm.

I wish that K9 and Charbonnet are the 1-2 punch that we need in the running game.

I wish that JSN is the intermediate threat and YAC-meister that we’re looking for.

I wish that DK and Lockett will toughen up and work on their game. DK work on your routes. Lockett work on your YAC. I hope that with JSN they ARE the triple headed threat that we’ve been waiting for.

I wish that Dre’Mont is the beast that we payed for!

I wish that Bobby settles back in 100% and leads the defense to an amazing season.

I wish that we don’t get any thinner at LineBacker.

I wish that we can use this year, and remaining time with PC as HC to bring home another Superbowl.

That's my general wishlist - as cheese-filled as it may be. It's not all-inclusive - there's probably a few I've left off un-intentionally. And, oh yea, of course I wish for 1000 more wishes as well!