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Mar 3, 2007
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North Pole, Alaska
March 21

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 1-Seahawks release Al Woods (DT), WBC thriller, (review) KJ Wright

Maura and Justin take the reigns for the first hour of the show and discuss last night's WBC walk-off win by Japan to set the stage for the championship game tonight vs USA and a potential Ohtani vs. Trout matchup. M's fans had a minor scare yesterday when Kelenic left the field with "quad tightness" according to Scott Servais, and Seahawks fans say goodbye to nose tackle Al Woods who was released by the team yesterday.

We revisit yesterday's conversation w/ KJ Wright to hear his take on a certain player he DOESN'T want the Hawks to pick at #5.

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 2-Next moves for Seahawks front 7, Brady Henderson discusses life after Russell Wilson story

Brady Henderson (in for Mike Salk) joins Brock to discuss the Seahawks decision to part ways with Al Woods and Brady admits it's a little bit of a surprise just based on the finances alone.

Brock asks Brady to explain how his world changed after his ESPN story about Russell's exit from Seattle was published followed by a special version of Blue 88.

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 3-How would you grade the Seahawks offseason so far? NFL Buy/Sell

How much do top 30 visits matter in the NFL? We take a look at some of the Seahawks visits past and present and Brady breaks down how they work before we ask Brock & Brady how they would grade the Seahawks offseason so far
followed by a quick round of NFL "Buy/Sell."

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 4-Shannon Drayer and Ranked

Shannon Drayer joins Brady and Brock to discuss Jarred Kelenic's early exit yesterday causing a whirlwind of trade rumors, the update on his injury, and why there isn't really a comparison to the path he has taken so far in his career. Then, we react to Mel Kiper's latest mock draft and Brady has a wrestling Ranked for us.

March 22

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 2-How would Jalen Carter's personality fit with the Seahawks? Blue 88

The more D-linemen the Seahawks move on from, the more Brock thinks Carter would make sense from a need standpoint, but it's hard to imagine them trusting the strength of their locker room to a young guy with maturity issues.

Brock is enamored with Shohei Ohtani and compares his pregame speech with the Miracle On Ice speech, culminating with why he should be the M's #1 target.

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 3-"Guess the Prospect" game, Dan Orlovsky (ESPN)

Maura came up with a game for Brady & Brock to see which prospect sounds most intriguing by using their own words and plays clips of 4 players who have been linked to the Seahawks for the #5 pick.

Dan Orlovsky (ESPN) joins the show to discuss why he believes Anthony Richardson is "too good to fail" and why NFL teams shouldn't be afraid to pick him early.

BROCK AND SALK -- Hour 4-Shannon Drayer, Ranked and in or out on Anthony Richardson at 5?

Shannon Drayer joins Brady and Brock to discuss what has been so impressive about Robbie Ray's spring, Julio's spot in the order, and whether last night makes you want Shohei Ohtani here in Seattle even more.

Then, we revisit our earlier conversation with Dan Orlovsky about Anthony Richardson and Brock and Brady discuss whether they are sold on him at pick five or not. Plus, Brady ranks his top five Seahawks players he's covered in Ranked.

March 21

BUMP AND STACY -- Hour 1 - The Seahawks make a surprise move on the D-line ALSO can the Hawks afford not to draft defense in round 1?

Why did the Seahawks release Al Woods late Monday night? Does this give a glimpse into their draft plans? Bump and Stacy take a look at the curious roster move to open Tuesday. Also in hour one, Bump and Stacy react to Mel Kiper's latest mock draft which has the Seahawks taking a QB at pick #5.

BUMP AND STACY -- Hour 2 - ESPN's Joon Lee on the excitement of the '23 World Baseball Classic, preview of USA/Japan title game

The 2023 World Baseball Classic has delivered at nearly every turn, so how can the game of baseball capitalize on this momentum? Bump and Stacy are joined by ESPN's Joon Lee who answers that question.

In Four Down Territory, are running backs undervalued in the NFL?

On The Timeline, how did a sports reporter lose their job after giving a guest lesson to 2nd graders?

BUMP AND STACY -- Hour 3 - New (old) Seahawks DT Jarran Reed LIVE with Bump & Stacy

He's back after a couple seasons away, so what drew Jarran Reed back to the Seahawks? He shares with Bump and Stacy to start off hour three.

Also in the hour, who does KJ Wright want to see the Seahawks take at #5? Who does he want them to stay away from? Bump and Stacy take a listen.

BUMP AND STACY -- Hour 4 - Bob Condotta (The Seattle Times) on the moves still need to be made this offseason by the Seahawks

What's left for the Seahawks after the first couple waves of free agency? Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times joins Bump and Stacy to start Tuesday's last hour.

Bump and Stacy later in the hour head to the station for a round of hype train! What I Need to Know closes out the day.

WYMAN AND BOB -- Hour 1: Should the Seahawks Avoid Jalen Carter?

Bob and Dave are live in Peoria for Mariners Spring Training, they react to the news of Al Wood’s getting cut by the Seahawks, they ask if the Hawks should avoid Jalen Carter in the draft, and they dive into the drama of the World Baseball Classic.

WYMAN AND BOB -- Hour 2: Logan Gilbert and Adam Ray

Bob and Dave get an inside look at Mariners Spring Training from Pitcher Logan Gilbert, and

Adam Ray joins the guys live to share his excitement for opening day,

as well as a surprise appearance from Mike Trout!

WYMAN AND BOB -- Hour 3: Mariners President of Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto

Bob and Dave are joined by Mariners President of Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto to look forward to the start of Mariners regular season, and they sweep the dial on the biggest stories of the day.

WYMAN AND BOB -- Hour 4: El Hombre Michael Bradley

Bob and Dave have their weekly chat with El Hombre Michael Bradley on the World Baseball Classic and some NFL Labor drama, and they look back on some of their favorite moments from Mariners Spring Training so far.


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