Total speculation: USC eyeing Ken Norton for D. Coordinator?

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  • I've heard no rumors, seen no links or anything to this. Just something I was thinking about. They've had an opening at D. Coordinator for about a month and havnt dont anything about it. Makes me think they're probably looking for somebody in the NFL who isnt done working on their season.

    Norton Jr would make sense.
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  • Success brings out the cherry picking.
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  • Maybe he doesn't like Lane Kiffen. I know I wouldn't.
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  • No. And now that this has been moved to the draft forum, it will stay front page for a week. lol. : )

    I'm not worried about us losing any of our coaches. Our first assistant to get an interview didn't come until the season had been over for more than a week. Our guys are way down the list. Besides, if we did lose them I'd trust Pete to find a quality replacement. The only irreplaceable coach is Cable, but I don't see anyone handing him a HC job any time soon (even though they should).
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  • No one else wants the gig, why would Ken?
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  • We say were not worried, but he brings the attitude to our defense, based on what players have said he keeps them on that edge. It would be a effecting loss on our aggressive mind set.

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  • I think Kenny is a great LB coach, but I have no idea how he would fare as a D Coordinator. There is a lot more to it and a big risk for USC
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  • Kiffin is turning a lot of people off that job. Doubt Norton does that.
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