Article comparing RW to Sonny Sixkiller

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Article comparing RW to Sonny Sixkiller
Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:12 am

  • Thanks for posting, but I didn't get past reading the author's name before I closed the window.
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  • The artical was pretty good actually, the times are different but they had the same type of obstacles. Anyone that Remembers Sonny and how he played would appreciate the comparison. Russell isn't the gunslinger Sonny was but there are a lot of simularities. Russell legend is growing. Sonny became one here. Having a record made of The Legend of Sonny Sixkiller as a song even circulation for a while.
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  • Good read, I liked Sixkiller then and now.
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  • Steve Kelley is a douche
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  • Yep, I don't read Steve Kelley either.
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  • Sonny Sixkiller was my favorite Husky QB ever. It always irked me that they said he was too short to play QB in the NFL.
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  • debevemos wrote:Steve Kelley is a douche

    I can't stand the dude as a sportswriter, think he is the worst and always have. Unoriginal, unknowledgable, sometimes I don't even think he is a sports fan even but a douche? Just wondering because I don't know the guy as a person but as a writer he's a sorry excuse. But I gotta say, something like this is definitely his better stuff for sure.
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  • His wife was my block teacher in middle school in Everett, I can understand why he is such a douchecanoe.
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  • When will the comparisons stop?
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It is currently Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:10 pm

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