Interesting statistic that should swing the win to Seattle.

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    at around 2:40 he starts talking about the 49ers major weakness. one of them that caught my eye was that the 49ers are ranked 30th in protecting the passer. And we all know how good this defensive line gets when they are at home.
    In a recent interview with Irvin, Irvin said something along the lines of "the stadium gets so loud that the snap count is always the same" which gives the defense a HUGE advantage.
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  • Ol' Kappy just got a taste of the BOOM when we went down there. It''s about time he had a proper initiation to how being a starting QB in the NFL can be very unpleasant.

    My bold prediction is that we end up seeing Smith in Sunday's game in some fashion or another.
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  • We're gonna screw that rookie up.

    I don't mean "injure" - just that he's going to have a very bad day. Bad enough that the media will spend the entire next week talking about how Harbaugh should put in Smith as the starter for the playoffs.

    What nobody is talking about is how Kaep matches up with our secondary, especially in comparison to the secondaries Kaep has been taking advantage of the last few weeks. Our secondary is young, fast, physical, and angry as hell. And they are EXCELLENT at taking advantage of young QBs who make bad decisions (like running at the slightest hint of trouble). I think it's foolish to start him with the division title potentially at risk. A bad day on Sunday could be very damaging going into the final week, where a win will be mandatory for the niners.

    I can't wait to see Harbaugh flipping out when the media hounds him over and over and over about his decision to go with a rookie into the playoffs when Smith was playing so well before his injury.
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  • Yeah, I agree with the PP.

    I think there's a distinct chance CK melts down. Yes, I was there for the first Eli Manning at the Clink game, and remember the bravado in the media for the days leading up to the game, and saw the complete and total meltdown on the field... It would be very surprising for CK to remain upright, put it that way.

    As the PP noted, the 49ers, by virtue of the coaching decision to start CK over Alex, have had a bit of internal turmoil already this year, and with the personality of the head coach, there could definitely be a big storm of emotions and finger pointing if CK has trouble.

    That's actually my dream scenario. We destroy the CK led 49ers because they can't function in the Clink. The 49ers manage to defeat the Cardinals, but end up switching to Alex Smith either before or right after that game. We get to play the 49ers in the second round of the playoffs, and defeat the Alex Smith led 49ers in Candlestick.

    (Though I'm also OK with defeating the Packers by more than two points at Lambeau.)
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