Peter King: Unger All Pro Center at midpoint; Wagner DROY

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    Did not see this posted yet, but it is an interesting list. Most of us would probably put Sherm ahead of Winfield at CB, but he has played well. The Gore pick is questionable. I'd probably give it to Peterson, Foster, or Lynch before Gore.

    Most shocking? Anthony Davis. This dude looked like a BUST his rookie year. He has really turned things around, unfortunately for us.

    It's great to see the recognition for Wagner. He looks like he will be an anchor for us for the next decade
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  • Can't argue with any of that really. Well expect Gore as the best RB in the league? Really?
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  • We saw the best back last week. I wonder sometimes if his choices are meant to be controversial
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  • I think a few a little out of wack:

    OROY: Luck-- everything expected and leading the WORST team from last year into playoff contender. That rarely ever happens.

    DROY: Chandler Jones -- Ok Maybe a homer thing but leads all rookies in sacks with 6, is very good against the run as well. All and all a stud d lineman.

    O Player of the Year: Has be Ryan as well.. guys been scary good.
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