Deadspin - Seahawks elite defense? How the hell?

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  • Cool article based upon actual facts (imagine that!)
    The Seahawks back up their front with the league's best and baddest secondary. (Seattle's linebackers—K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, and Leroy Hill—have all played well this year, but the Seahawks play a lot of nickel, and the linebackers aren't terribly essential to their scheme. Hill told John Clayton as much earlier this year: "The front four is a lot more important in Pete's scheme than it was in the previous [linebacker-heavy] regime.") No defensive backfield hits as hard collectively as Seattle's does, with Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner, and mouthy Richard Sherman bruising receivers in front of Earl Thomas, the deep safety. To wit, here's Browner's hit on Wes Welker this week. Browner is a cornerback. He hits like Ray Lewis.
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  • Great read....thanks for the link

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  • Quite refreshing! How good does it feel to have a "rock crushing" Defense? :th2thumbs:
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  • Browner is a cornerback. He hits like Ray Lewis.

    Great article, thanks!
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  • My favorite part:

    Then the Seahawks' line looks like the "wide nine" everyone talked about with the Eagles last year, except it actually works.
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  • I read that and chuckled. What's so funny is Browner is considered the "mouthy" one. lol

    Several of the talking heads including Tony Dungy say Seattle's 'backing corp is the best in football. The only big names that are still really knocking them is the FOX crew. Funny cause you'd think Howie Long would love the way they play.

    Tony would love them cause he is a big proponent of making receivers pay for coming over the middle whether the ball is thrown to them or not.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • This was mentioned deep in another thread, but the article definitely deserved a thread of it's own.

    Loved this quote, probably because it's true.

    A pass-rushing end, usually Chris Clemons, will stand apart from the three linemen and try to beat the tackle one-on-one. The Seahawks call this man the "Leo," presumably because it sounds cool.
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  • Great stuff in that article.
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  • Good article in terms of getting the facts right. Something we all know is a rarity for national outlets regarding the Hawks. But the premise is pretty annoying. It's basically "They didn't copycat any of the established defensive powers, so how the hell did it work?" Guess everyone in the world has to rip off the Ravens and Steelers in order to build a good defense.
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