Not in our house....errr, I mean Mountain

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Not in our house....errr, I mean Mountain
Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:52 am

  • This is already posted in the Net Nation forum.

    But yeah, I'm glad he didn't climb our mountain lol
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  • It's funny, I posted this first and yet I get no love.... Bigons!
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  • He went there to bury the white suit.
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  • rideaducati wrote:He went there to bury the white suit.


    I don't like the guy because a life was taken and he was associated with that, but I applaud his efforts to spend the rest of his life doing something for others. Most "hoodlums" have zero remorse and continue to take from others. So good for him.
    "God Bless the Seattle Seahawks" Cortez Kennedy
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  • I don't hold a mistake in his past against him necessarily, but I can't stand the way he cries every time the camera points his way or his stupid douchey dance.
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