More Evidence that .Net is the GREATEST!

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More Evidence that .Net is the GREATEST!
Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:15 am
  • I had the pleasure of meeting JonRud and his friends/family @ Carlow East, the NYC Seahawks Bar, last night. The place was rockin and for good reason. Never has a hangover felt so amazing. Never has a football team played the game so perfectly...

    Anyways, JonRud is a class act and one of the greatest Seahawks fans I now have the pleasure of knowing. This dude is seriously our good luck charm. He was at both the Cards and Bills games and now I just got to witness the 49ers destruction with him. I'm seriously honored. The only man with a Tanzania scarf, might I add. Jon, you ARE the man!

    Just wanted to point out how amazing and lucky we all are to have this place. Yeah, we all talk shit and might disagree at times, but if you ever have the opportunity to actually meet someone from .Net the bond is REAL. Immediately.

    I love .Net!
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  • I couldn't agree more. From the fellows who have come into Pittsburgh, the members of the Midwest Seahawkers and the people I met on my one trip to Hawkville, loved them all in their own ways. It's wonderful to put a face and a personality behind the posts.
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  • I'll second this for all the fine folks I met at AXIS sports bar in Longview opening day. Everyone was very nice.
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  • Yeah? How come none of you stuck up bitches never make it to St George?

    Look at what we have to offer- we got 1 tavern- we got the St George Temple- we got....did I mention the one and only tavern? really that's it's name, cause it IS the one and only :shock: and we got......Oh Yeah grizbob lives there :mrgreen: :th2thumbs:
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  • Unreal night at CARLOW last night. I am totally hungover but it was well worth it. Had an awesome time hanging out with Dave and the other Twelves.

    I have met a lot of people from these boards the past 3 weeks and it's been a lot of fun. Seattle, Toronto & NY...and everywhere I go there are people to talk to. Great times.

    I have to lay off those Hawkikaze shots thought...ugh....

    Thanks for the amazing memories Beast Mode.
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  • yes .Net is the best- kicked it with 5280hawk & Volsunghawk last night in Denver! St. George is next on the list!
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  • The 12's are amazing. I saw MysterMatt yesterday if only for just a moment before Temple got so crowded I had to get out of there. :thirishdrinkers: .NET is THE best. I've never been so cold and soaking wet in my entire life and I have rarely heard the CLink rock like it did yesterday. I loved every minute of it. I'm just so happy right now I could puke in my own shoes. I love you all.
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  • having gone to the toronto game with the road crew. .net is an instant bond and its awesome had the best time and would do in a sec again. meeting all the ppl that did come was awesome too. and will have to make sure its not a one off.
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