NFC West - alone in 2nd

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NFC West - alone in 2nd
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:02 pm
  • So, with the Cardinals losing again today (5 losses in a row, btw), the Seahawks now stand alone in 2nd place in the NFC West at 5-4, Cards at 4-5, and the Rams at 3-5. Keep winning, keep winning, keep winning.
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Re: NFC West - alone in 2nd
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:03 pm
  • yes!!!

    Up next Jets at home. WILSON WILL DESTROY THEM!!!!!!
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Re: NFC West - alone in 2nd
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:06 pm
  • And not only that, but with the win over the Vikings, we now have control of the 2nd wildcard position, or 6th and final playoff seed. Playoffs are ours to lose.
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Re: NFC West - alone in 2nd
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:07 pm
  • With the 49ers facing maybe the tougher part of their schedule, the div title may still be within reach. With tiebreakers over the Pack, the Vikes and the 'Boys (may not need that one :)), the Wild Card is very possible.

    You're right though. Just keep winning. It's all they can do.
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Re: NFC West - alone in 2nd
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:15 pm
  • We need to whup up on the Jets, then spend our bye week in Miami. That is a must win as I believe the wintery confines of Soldier field, and a very solid Bear team, will present problems for us. The Bears and the Niners should be our only legit challenges left, IMO. With the Niners at home, that may reduce our concerns to the Bears. Great year, regardless!
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