Pete understands timeouts do not carry over, right?

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  • I thought when Wilson hit that last reciever he'd go down and call a quick timeout (middle of the field n all) and then go for the hail mary. Maybe he didn't want to risk another controversy. :34853_doh:
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  • Agree. Timeouts and clock management needs to be better. We know that the end of the first half was not handled well, but I thought they should have called a timeout on the Lions last scoring drive, just to collect themselves and make any adjustments. The Lions called a couple of defensive timeouts to make sure everyone is on the same page. After they got into scoring position, there was no way we were getting the ball back with enough time left to do anything.
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  • Would have been cutting it very close, unlike college.. a WR can't simply fall down to end the play.
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