ME3 secretly working for Seattle's Future


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Aug 5, 2011
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From Hawkfans

The Seahawks have a secret MVP working behind the scenes to guarantee their success for the next decade. Sadly, no one appreciates what Russell Wilson is doing for Seattle.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of Russell Wilson to the Seahawks organization. He leads the Hawks quarterbacks in virtually every statistical category. Wilson was under center for 16 playoff games and helped Seattle win their only Super Bowl. He even ranks fifth in rushing for the Hawks. It’s hard to say that any single player has had a bigger impact on the Seahawks success. That comes as no surprise to the 12s.

What’s truly surprising, though, is that even though he’s with another team, Wilson continues to make major contributions to the future of the Seahawks. I’m looking far beyond what the blockbuster trade to the Broncos has already done for the Seahawks. Shelby Harris and Noah Fant have been solid contributors to Seattle already. Charles Cross is shaping up to be a Pro Bowler for a decade and Boye Mafe shows a lot of promise as well. It certainly doesn’t hurt the Seahawks bottom line that Wilson got his quarter-billion-dollar contract from the Broncos, either. Good luck fielding a decent team for the next decade, Denver.

Wilson loves the Seahawks more than we knew​

Don’t believe me, when I say that Wilson is dedicated to doing all he can to help the Seahawks in the future? Okay then, maybe you’ll believe the man himself. Here’s Russ talking about the state of his current team, courtesy of Mike Klis, sports reporter for Denver’s

Russell Wilson on the stuff: “There’s always noise.” #9sports
— Mike Klis (@mikeklis) November 30, 2022

Allow me to separate the kernels of truth from the chaff of RussSpeak:

“This is a great, great team…There is always noise, especially when things aren’t going the way you want it to all the time. The thing is that you don’t bat an eye. My biggest goal every day is to continue to try to lead at the highest level, to be consistent every day with my approach, and to never change.”
So…the Broncos are not a good team, let alone a great, or “great, great” team. They’re 3-9 and in an outstanding position to secure the number two selection in the 2023 draft. Sure, they may screw up and win a game or two; their week 16 contest vs the Rams could lock in that number two spot, or vault them to third. That will be one time the 12s can feel good about rooting for the Lambs.

The ineptitude of the Broncos is definitely on the shoulders of Wilson. The defense ranks third in yards and second in points allowed. The offense is 27th in yardage and dead last in points scored. I’ll give Wilson credit, he has played better in two of his last three games. He didn’t throw a touchdown pass in either contest, but at least he didn’t throw a pick, either. It’s gotten so bad for Russ that he ranked 33rd among fantasy QBs in week 12. Reminder: there are 32 teams in the NFL.


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Sep 18, 2015
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Every presser, Russ just says he only focuses on his attitude and his work ethic…the attributes he controls.

So is he saying that to control those, he HAS to have Team3 infest the facility? That everyone in it has to kiss his ring because he’s a King?