Bears Den -- Week #10


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Sep 3, 2022
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Bears lost to Lions 31-30 by a missed extra point. Ouch!! Santos is reliable on FGs, but has missed three extra points this season. Go figure.

But the pick-6 that Fields threw is what flipped the momentum. And the referees (again). For the last two weeks, the Bears and Seahawks have been getting screwed by the refs. That first drive with probably a TD without the bogus holding call on Braxton Jones. I was cheering the pancake block two seconds before they dropped the flag. Also, the hit on Goff by Gordon was also bogus. As long as the guy is inbounds, he’s fair game. That is the rule — except today.

Fields has simply got to see the check-down pass and throw it sooner. When I watched the Bucs beat the Seahawks, they said Brady has his time to throw down to 2.4 seconds this year. It is really hard to get pressure when he’s getting the ball out that fast. Plus, he sees the WHOLE field and hits the open receiver. Fields is no Brady and don’t expect that, but I still want him to get better at these things.

As a running QB though, I have never seen anyone better. Fields has had over 500 rushing yards over the last 5 games. No QB in NFL history has ever done that. He had a 67-yd. TD run in this game. The Bears have had 225+ rushing yards for 5 straight games. No team in NFL history has ever done that. If the Bears can get the passing game working better in 2023, this offense is going to be incredible. Bears fans are getting optimistic about Fields’ progress.

Finally, I want to mention Jack Sanborn. I noticed this in the preseason games and again today: This guy is a really smart football player. He had 12 tackles, 2 sacks, and an interception. He’s got a nose for the football. He’s not the most physical LB on the field, but he rarely gets fooled on the play.

The end of the Vikings game was absolutely pathetic by both teams on the 6-inch line. If the Bears were actually in contention for the North, this game would have driven me crazy. LOL

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