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    Was this all planned out when we traded RW to Denver?

    So.....who be dee quarterback?
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    Shaggy Deserves Kudos

    Hey man...I do understand. I moderated another site for a while....I DO UNDERSTAND. Be happy....
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    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    Why are you setting limitations? LOL
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    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    If no trades, when is the next pick?
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    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    They both end in 2.....
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    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    Ebiketie gone to Atl.
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    Wanted to talk about this section.

    Would you consider a game day chat on a site? I can probably help with that like we had before. But I believe we just need time to advertise it. I had a few come in a bit, but it was not advertised that much. I dunno. It is up to the group. Probably not so much good on home game day, but as you...
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    A little bit about me...

    Hey Shaggy, I am good with you being here and being on the GREEN BAY Packers owner site too. You seemed to be pretty cool over there too. Sorry if I should not have said that...but oh well. They were gonna know some day anyway. I have seen where you do good things. I can do some good things...
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    Next Seasons Schedule

    If they are requiring a shot to get in......the NFL can go to hell. I will not take an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG for anyone. I like New Orleans. But SCREW IT IF I HAVE TO TAKE AWAY MY RIGHTS FOR A FOOTBALL GAME. Good luck sheep.
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    2021 Seahawks Depth Chart, Roster Moves, Cap Position

    Jammerhawk. You are awesome. Just wanted this in print. You keep up with all the assistants you have here and make the roster amazing. You keep part of our dreams alive. May the spring bring you great fortune and happiness. :irishdrinkers: :irishdrinkers: :irishdrinkers: Fan80
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    Moderators and Owners

    What you have is a dirty job. I do understand it now. I moderate a site now and it is a dirty job. I bless you on your efforts and hope you have a great spring and summer. You are what makes this site great. You provide the sustenance for this place to keep going. Past Moderators, you have...
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    3 NFC West Teams....

    Awe crap......they figured it out. :rumble: :rumble: :rumble: :stirthepot:
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    :irishdrinkers: :irishdrinkers: :irishdrinkers:
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    Everyone's Coming Back to Run it Back

    So in the big picture of things...were you entertained this year with this team. Most teams were not. Most fans were not. Some fans were. Some need adjustment. Some will or not like it. I am on the fence. I was entertained by a loss with Washington Redskins but there was an issue with that loss...