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    The QB School - Russ

    Dave Krieg was awesome. He’d have won a SB on that 98 Broncos just like Elway did.
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    Broncos Chiefs flexed out for snf

    I think secretly, people all over the US want to see RW flame out. Kind of like looking at the scene of an accident.
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    That little win streak really warped peoples mind about this team.

    I wasn't duped. Any given sunday n shiiiiit. That's a pretty serious overreaction, sir.
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    Anyone think Russ was trying to sabotage the O last year?

    You know the answer to this. Old threads with related topics get linked at the bottom of more recent threads. People find the old hot takes and speculation funny so they bump the threads. It’s kind of interesting how old hot takes don’t just die off here anymore the way they might on...
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    I want to extend my sincere thanks to Russ

    I love how there is NO DOUBT who was correct in the great RW vs PC wars of 2021-22.
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    "Russell is losing his mind out there" per Polumbus

    IF IF IF that's true, he's lower than whaleshit in my book.
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    Drew Locks future

    'RAH! Semper, brother! C 1/1 2003-2007.
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    FoxSports isn’t buying what’s going on in Denver

    Why? Because the backup didn’t beat one of the hottest teams in the league?
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    Calling it Now - Save This Post!

    West Texas here. It's very much nationwide.
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    Regardless what happens from here on out...

    That's a big negative. went to my first Seahawks game in 1983. Saw Seahawks/Broncos game with *the teeth* in the flesh. I'm not saying you should stop disliking them. I'm saying we have officially ****** them up worse than they ever did to us.
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    Regardless what happens from here on out...

    Yep. ST and the D scored enough to beat them without even the mightt BEAST needing a single carry. Lynch's touchdown handshake put a nice cherry on top.
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    Regardless what happens from here on out...

    Agreed. Semi-related side-note: It's weird when people say we should let RW go and not focus on him since he's "gone" but also hold a deep-seated grudge against a team we haven't been in a division with for two decades. My dislike for the Donkos has faded way more than my dislike for RW. We...
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    Monday Night Football - Chargers vs Broncos

    Found in the wild
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    Russell Embarassing Himself

    I fully admit I've been deeply enjoying watching RW's hubris catch up to him, but I'm actually in awe that he's fallen THIS FAR. I would feel bad for him if he hadn't asked for this. For people who know more than me about this stuff: how long does this slide have to continue before his...
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    Cant deny I am addicted!!!

    I didn't like either PC or RW for a a few years. I had some small respect for the beastquake game, but was embarrassed by the 7-9. In 2012, I was pissed about RW getting the start over Flynn. It seemed impetuous to me at the time; Play the vet for a year or two and bring the new guy in later...