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    It's on - Big Win

    Win out and a lose by Houston to Arizona and we are in.. it can happen
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    Your original comments would lead most to believe you either were unsure or didn't think Witherspoon played well. For those of us that watched the game it seems quite obvious that he played awesome and was a greatly impactful player. Now you are just being an jerk, talking crap about someone...
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    Cool photo, but...

    Probably his mom, as she doesn't look like his wife's photos from the funeral
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    25 Year Anniversary?

    I was around in 99, Kitna and Holmgren
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    Seahawks Throwbacks Revealed!

    Just bought me and my lady matching 12's, can't wait, these are so f'ing fire!!!!
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    So we have one of the best

    I of the mindset we will go as far as our Front 7 and OL will take us. I don't think Geno is the type of QB to overcome poor O Line play and our D Line has a lot to prove after the catastrophe of our run defense last year. I do think both units will be better. I think Geno won't be first half...
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    Pick 123: DT Cameron Young Mississippi St.

    Young is the only player we drafted I never saw anything about pre draft. Stout DT from the SEC is not a bad way to go. Doesn't get me hyped but combined with Morris who is 6'6 and expected to bulk up a bit and if from a top D in the Big 12 we added to the mix.
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    My final top 5

    Young Richardson Carter Wilson Anderson Levis/Stoud/JSN
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    Just days away from the important and second most boring sports event of the year!

    Same here, so much so I'm omw to KC for thr draft now
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    Post your predictions

    Richardson, Cater, Wilson are my dream targets. Anderson and Stroud seem like possible gets but those two just don't get me juiced.
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    Jalen Carter stick a fork in him

    I think Carter will be a better pro. His ceiling is pretty freaking high and at a premier position. 1. Richardson 2. Carter 3. Anderson For me
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    ESPN Jordan Reid's seven-round Mock

    this would complete a reworked front 7 and OL
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    Is Jackson going to get Kaepernicked

    He is also injury prone now and his skills are his running which isn't like Watson who had elite arm and accuracy.
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    Watch out for Lions!

    Jamaal Williams is a big loss IMO.
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    Is this Ohio State WR on the radar?

    I wouldn't hate him at #5 but think we could drop to 7 or 8 and still get him.