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    A few thoughts and observations on Wilson

    Unless he puts together an MVP season with another SB in the next couple of years, the stench of his Broncos tenure will kill all of his "legacy" goals....He'll go down as the most overpaid QB of all time and the centerpiece of the biggest lopsided trade in NFL history. No way he makes the HOF...
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    We may be way better than all of us think.

    Yes they will be competitive albeit they are far off from a playoff team but who knows in the NFC.....Gritty win in Pete fashion but the big concern out there is the pass rush (is it good enough?) and an offense that once again was a light switch. Great in the 1st half but they did hardly...
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    Russ Broke My Heart

    OMG. I hope this is satire...If so, kudos. If not, GROW A PAIR. You may have another divorce coming dude. Great, iconic players better than Russ come and go. The Derek Jeter or John Elway scenario isn't realistic. QB's better than RW who played for another team after being great...
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    Favourite movie scenes

    Love Michael Mann. Heat is one my favorite movies of all time. Collateral also great. Love the get rid of em we don't have the trunk space line...
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    Source: Russell Wilson Wanted Schottenheimer Fired

    Also - not sure if any player in history has come out and said they want a coordinator or HC fired. Same for a HC - they always are going to go the politically correct route in media statements.
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    Source: Russell Wilson Wanted Schottenheimer Fired

    Context is important is some of the rehashed info. Early in his career, no question Pete protected Wilson some. That happens with EVERY young QB. It's important you build them up. And fair or not, the Seahawks were not contending for SB's without Wilson's play at QB even with Lynch and the...
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    Wilson wanted to go to a city that "Wants to Win"

    I think some on here are taking the comments out of context. It wasn't a diss on Seattle but more along the lines of "I'm not going somewhere that isn't committed to winning". The bottom line is that Seattle was never going to pay 35 year old RW $ 50 M a year fully guaranteed and there's no...
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    DK to be fined $90,000 for unexcused mini camp absence

    The teams never fine a guy for stuff like this. They "can" but it always gets washed away
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    Ringer article on Seahawks Offense

    The idea that Carroll wasn't allowing Wilson to use the middle of the field or check down is ridiculous. We already saw Smith doing those things in the games he played in so it wasn't the offensive play calling. And if Wilson does do those things in Denver, it's more telling about how stubborn...
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    Ringer article on Seahawks Offense

    2020 and 2021 was definitely a battle of wills - RW's way letting Russ cook vs playing within the structure of the offense. Remember when Wilson ****** up in OT of the Titans game not taking easy check downs and then got away with a game losing safety? Carroll rightfully said he wished Russ...
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    QB situation

    No. He's awful.
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    Ringer article on Seahawks Offense

    Good read
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    If you boo Russ, are you going to boo Wagner?

    Agreed. They both should get acknowledged with a thanks for what they did in Seattle. Once the whistle blows, they are the opponent. NE didn't boo Brady when he came back with TB.
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    Bucky Brooks Disparages Wilson-Led Broncos: 'Bottom of The Division'

    Too bad Bucky Brooks is an idiot though. He's awful like Charles Davis is awful.