Seahawks, 49ers top MGM 2014 SB odds at 5:1

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  • Was listening to Mike and Mike. Even with the Boldin trade, Niners remained at 5:1.

    The Seahawks entered yesterday at 10:1 and with the Harvin trade moved up to 5:1. Both teams' odds are tops in the NFL just ahead of Denver and NE.

    They went on to say that even though Ron Jaworski said we overpaid for Harvin, it was worth it because of the explosive addition to our offense and because its the type of move that can "put them over the top" for the SB.

    This is why I love the trade. IMO, even though this trade was for this year, it also sets us up for the bulk of Harvin's prime, which will be spent with RW. Harvin and Dangeruss can comPete for playing the hardest because both of them play with 100% intensity and desire.

    Even with a slight overpay, JS will recoup a few picks and this is precisely the time to overpay for a nice turbo charge to the team's engine. Harvin's presence will lift this entire roster by making life easier for RW and our defense. He is a playmaking, TD monster.

    As a sidenote, when PCJS took over who would have imagined the Hawks would acquire, with only modest overpays for FA money or picks:

    Leon Washington: return man extraordinaire, scatback. Trade w/ Jets (5th rounder)
    Michael Robinson: fierce, savvy FB, FA Niners
    Zach Miller: playmaking, dominant blocking TE, FA Raiders
    Sidney Rice: 6'4" speedy, acrobatic, clutch WR, FA Vikings
    Marshawn Lynch: BeastMode, sets team identity, trade w/ Bills (4th, 5th rounder)
    Percy Harvin: explosive, top flight speed, physical YAC machine, Trade w/ Vikings (rumored 1st, 7th, 2014 mid rounder)

    These were all players that before PCJS I would watch NFL games and see them dominating and think "why can't the Hawks have guys on Offense like that?" And now all are members of the Seahawks. That is some serious firepower at WR, TE and RB. Interestingly, they makeup most of the only trades, and big $ FA spending by the team.

    Each was a calculated move that took advantage of other team's problems to acquire. It's moves like these that have made the Hawks the envy of the NFL. I'm excited to see the sculpted final roster after FA, the draft, training camp and preseason. There is talent up and down the roster and now, year 4, it's SB or bust!
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  • I'm in the overpay crowd myself, but I also think we overpaid for Zach Miller and I couldn't be any more happy to have him. I could be wrong about Harvin's value too. In terms of raw stats, he might not be worth the cost, but in regards to how he opens up the offense, he might be worth all they paid and then some.
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  • Harvin's value is more than stats, his ability to line up anywhere and all his presnap movement will be scary for any defense that already has to deal with the running threat of Lynch and RW.

    We will see much less read option for RW now because we wont need it. Teams will still have to prepare and in the back of their mind they know it's coming but it will only be a wrinkle just like our WR passes.
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  • the other teams will have to account for him on every play, which may free up the outside recievers more and... he'll also be commanding double teams between the numbers, which will leave pockets for Miller and McCoy, or RW to scramble... this is why he's the price of admission.. not to mention, what he can do with the ball in his hands.
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  • I don't necessarily think it is an over pay when you look at PCJS ability to find solid talent in the later rounds. Bottom line is when you have a guy like Harvin sitting out there, you do what you have to do to close the deal. Imagine Dangeruss with a full off season prep, full reps in training camp, a healthy Rice, Baldwin, Tate, Miller, Beastmode, and now Harvin who can line up anywhere on the field and kill a D, and lets not forget Harvin has played in Bevel's system before so he should get up to speed pretty fast.

    I think the move makes a solid Offense into a scary one that can run over or throw over any Defense in the league.

    Now I just want to see a move to improve the passrush!
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