Which DT or DT's won't be back next year?

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  • Jason Jones, Brandon Mebane, Alan Branch, Clinton McDonald and Jaye Howard who makes the cut? With all the talk of drafting a DT and maybe signing one in free agency, probably means at least 2 of these guys go. My Guess would be McDonald and Jones, i'd really like to see Jason Jones healthy but i doubt he's brought back. The only one i think would be safe is Bane but he's guaranteed very little money if they were to cut him (i think there's 0% they cut him, i'm just saying)
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  • Mebane is locked up for for the next few years, he's staying. Howard and Scruggs are also staying at least through training camp. I think Branch Jones and McDonald are up in the air.
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  • I think Branch is going to ask for much more than they view him as worth, and McDonald while he does a few nice things every once in awhile its not hard to see someone easily replacing him.

    That said, Jones? I want them to bring back. To me the pressure we put on QB's on 3rd (sometimes it never happened) fell off drastically after Jones went on IR, I think they'll bring him back.
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  • Branch said he would like to be back. Otherwise I see him going to Jacksonville.
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  • I think Jones will be back.
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  • I want Jones back. If Branch leaves, we need an "every down" type DT to replace him because Jones and Howard (who I hope takes a big step forward next year) aren't the types to play regularly it seems.

    Draft and/or sign a DT too.
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  • I don't know if I really want Jones back, he's got an injury history. It doesn't matter if he's skilled if he can't stay on the field. In any case I think Scruggs can fill his role just nicely with a year under his belt.
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  • Scruggs aint going anywhere.
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  • Mebane is not a FA next year and thats a good thing. He is the best Run stuffer we have. I think we need another run stuffer with 2 pretty good pass rushing DTs and 2 more DE's. (I dont like Red Bryant, offenses have him figured out, they just have to hook him and run to the edge)
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  • Branch is probably gone; he's going to get more money than we want to pay him and his skill set duplicates Mebane's. We need more of a 3 tech.

    If we draft a DT high in the draft, I could see him bumping McDonald or Howard. I'd like to see Jones back as he's versatile and fills a need. He won't get the contract he was looking for because he got hurt. Scruggs can play inside but he's better outside IMO, but that versatility is what our FO likes, and he's likely to get better.
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  • I think Jones is back. I don't see anyone offering him a big contract I think we could get him at a reasonable price. Branch is a good rotational guy, I think we give him a 1 yr offer at an affordable price and let him shop himself.
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  • I somehow see both Jones and Branch coming back, Branch the more likely of the 2 though.
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  • Sorry i somehow forgot to put Scuggs on that list, but along with Bane i would say he's safe. It's funny how it seems that DT is our biggest need, but at the same time i like all of the DT off of last years team. You think there's a chance we resign Branch and Jones, not bring a FA in and draft a DT outside of the 1st or 2nd round?
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  • I think we need to resign Branch. THe biggest DT we have and was not a weakness why not keep him around if he wants to be here. I'd be surprised if he he did get a huge contract somewhere else. I think a 3 year 13 Mil would be perfect.
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  • Branch had very solid play in a well respected defense around the league, he may stay out of a sense of "team", but as far as the business of football goes, it's likely he'd get paid better somewhere else.

    Jason Jones Signed a one-year deal last season hoping to prove his worth to the market. I think his injury may have been a setback to the longer contract he was looking for and if nobody offers him a deal, I could see him doing another one year deal to once again, try to prove his value for a longer term deal.

    Scruggs is a no brainer. He's still a young up and comer but seems to be progressing well, so he stays unless for some reason he totally regresses or lets himself get out of shape in the offseason or something (I highly doubt it)

    As for MacDonald and Howard, I think they are both good depth, but they could both easily be on the bubble depending on what the front office does as far as signings and draft.

    Honestly, I think we only go big (starter potential) for one DT, I think they may also look to go big (starter potential) for one DE as well unless they make a move for an OLB who can excel at pass rushing as well.

    It's really going to be an interesting off season. We have almost all of our starters locked up going into next season, so we can pick up a lot of excellent depth and a few starters this offseason and move forward into next season with some actual consistency.
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  • Mebane is a dominant run stopper, I believe he was 2nd or 3rd of all DT's in tackles, he doesn't offer much as a pass rusher but remember he's playing nose now instead of 3 technique.

    What we really need is a 3 tech to make up for Red's lack of ability to rush the QB on 1st and 2nd down.
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  • Red was hurting this year. I hope to see him come back strong next year. Yeah I'm not sure. I'm kinda leaning on McD being gone. Hopefully somebody jumps off the charts during camp and makes it a starter. (Fingers crossed)
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  • I think we need to bring back Mike Bennet(sp) from Tampa Bay. He was good for us while he was here before getting released and picked up by them. I think that was a Mora move.
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