Hawk Blogger: "Suck it 49ers!"

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Hawk Blogger: "Suck it 49ers!"
Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:54 pm
  • Great picture :D

    The cheerleader in the background has a giant cold sore on her lip, unless that's a piece of penis sticking out of her mouth. :P


    LOL, someone needs to imbed that pic for quote addition.

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Re: Hawk Blogger: "Suck it 49ers!"
Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:16 pm
  • Yeah I don't know about that....

    She might just be biting her lip? It's not important, either way. Seems a little extreme.

    If Harbaugh had a cold sore, then that would be a whole 'nother story.
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Re: Hawk Blogger: "Suck it 49ers!"
Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:17 pm
  • she's biting her lip, LOL moving on...
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Re: Hawk Blogger: "Suck it 49ers!"
Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:49 pm
  • Here's the picture, and it's blatantly obvious that she's biting her lip. On the other hand, I do believe there's at least one thread (or 12) discussing Hardouche around somewhere :)


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Re: Hawk Blogger: "Suck it 49ers!"
Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:22 pm
  • That site just made my eyes bleed! Whats up with the over-sized pixelated images?
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