Seahawks Make-a-Wish come true vs 49ers

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Seahawks Make-a-Wish come true vs 49ers
Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:06 pm
  • Pretty cool story. In my opinion the Make a Wish Foundation might be the coolest organization in the world. I've had first hand experience with the program with a relative and its amazing. And this story and looking at the photo album made me proud to be a Seahawks fan.

    "Sometimes I feel like I became a bandwagon fan when they went to the Super Bowl," he told the Herald on Thursday.

    But his love for the team wasn't a fleeting childhood phase. It abides to this day and merged with his passion for performing to inspire a desire for a career in sports broadcasting -- one he's already begun as a football and basketball announcer as a student at Hanford High School in Richland.

    He'll get to realize a piece of his dream this weekend in Seattle when Make-A-Wish Washington paves the way for Spencer to attend a Seahawks game, interview a player and shadow a professional sports broadcaster. ... hland.html



    Great photo album of his experience here: ... 09061.html
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  • Oic...I was wondering who it was Carroll was letting ask the first Q's in his press conferences. Thanks for the link.
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  • I don't have much to give, but this is my new charity for 2013.

    My mom's former coworker raved about the calibre of the organization and how they can make an impact when her son wanted to be James Bond...and got to drive around LA with a tuxedo clad Pierce Brosnan.

    Looks like an awesome experience, thanks for sharing. :)
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  • I've never heard any but good things about the Make a Wish Foundation. Find them in your town and make a contribution they waste no moneys on anything but getting wishes for their people.

    They are almost entirely operated by volunteers.

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  • He was on the post game show on 710ESPN. He sounded very good. I think the kid could definitely have a future in sports broadcasting.
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