Wilson, Seahawks getting lots of love in Mid-Missouri.

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  • Just thought it would be neat for you guys to know, our local radio stations (that normally talk about Mizzou Tigers, STL Rams, and KC Chiefs only) were raving about RW and the Seahawks for nearly 2 hours this morning and had local people calling in talking about it.

    I think it is pretty cool.
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  • I agree, that is pretty cool!
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  • sweet
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  • Link!
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  • SacHawk2.0 wrote:Link!

    Pretty please...
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  • Thanks for letting us know.


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  • Wish I could say the same about your neighbors to your north. Here in Iowa, local sports show was talking on and on about RGIII and Luck. Idiots Out Walking Around=IOWA. They proved it today. Although, I will admit, during and right after the game at Soldier Field, numerous bears fans came up to me and said how impressed they were with RW, said he was much better than they had thought going into the game.

    Go Seahawks!
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