#2 Seed possible with some help.

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#2 Seed possible with some help.
Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:12 pm
  • There is an entirely realistic scenario in which we can pull off the #2 seed. I'll be happy if we just make the playoffs but if this played out..Wow lookout Seahawks.

    1. We have to win out, obviously. Entirely possible with 3 of 4 at home and Buffalo very beatable on the road.

    2. Green Bay drops one of their last remaining games (Lions, @Bears, Titans, @Vikings)

    3. 49ers lose to the Patriots in New England or drop one against either Miami or Arizona. Also distinctly possible

    4. New York loses 2 of it's remaining 5 games. (@Redskins, Saints, @Falcons, @Ravens, Eagles) They are a hot and cold team and to have to play Atlanta and Baltimore on the road is asking a lot even for a team that plays well away like they do.

    5. Chicago needs to lose one game of their last 4 (@Vikings, Green Bay, @Arizona, @Lions) 3 of last 4 on the road tough to win out for them. I see them dropping one of those. Best case they beat GB and lose to either Minnesota or Detroit.
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Re: #2 Seed possible with some help.
Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:17 pm
  • I'd prefer we don't get a bye. We stink after a bye. It's still possible to get a home game without a bye, that's what i'd like to see.
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Re: #2 Seed possible with some help.
Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:18 pm
  • Already a thread on this:

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