Earl Thomas fined 15k for "hit" on Tannehill

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  • Have they fined him for the tweet yet? Can't have the players criticizing the league now.

    Only partly :sarcasm_off: .

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  • Oh come on! This is ridiculous...
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  • Goodell = ass#ole

    No helmet to helmet.....Bad call by the 'REGULAR" Refs, getting amplified to nonsense......NoGoodell is a dumb shit.
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  • chris98251 wrote:Anyone wonder why all of a sudden the fines, calls on us, the sudden testing and findings of drugs and attention has been on the extreme negitive since that 49er game?
    This thought actually occurred to me and then I immediately dismissed it as paranoid.

    I don't think it's paranoia to notice how big market teams and the east coast in general tend to have things "mysteriously" fall their way, like them getting scheduling considerations for traveling to play westward when West Coast teams have ALWAYS had to contend with that problem (albeit in the opposite direction).

    A lot of people, and not just Packers fans, are still real pissed about that simultaneous catch ruling, which may be something else to throw into this whole bubbling cauldron...
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  • This is sickening, I cannot find the words. Are they high? What the hell? This league office is a travesty, they are wiping their asses with the game I love. Where did these morons come from and why are they running the NFL? They have zero idea what this game is about nor do they care about what has made football the sport in America for decades, this league is becoming an absolute joke.
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  • Twisted wrote:
    JKent82 wrote:Yay NFL!

    Pretty sad they still went and fined him for it. There's something wrong with the process. Anybody have a .gif of the "hit"? It was like the least malicious thing ever.

    ok good people this is where you explain to me how the NFL is NOT trying to push the niners into the superbowl and hold back any team that poses a threat, drug tests? fines? sure I'm just paranoid.. lol

    I've seen way worse hits from niners that didn't even draw a flag..

    gonna say it again, "the league is a JOKE in terms of officiating and rules"

    there's a huge problem with the officiating and penalties especially when it comes to CONSISTENCY!!!

    but just be quiet about it people, sit down like good little sheep and ignore the corruption and bias, after all its good for you.

    I had that thought today about how convienient they come after the two best corners in the league, just in time for the playoffs.Then give the best free safety in the league a ridiculous fine for not being able to stop himself in midair.
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  • I'm throwing up right now because of this.
    This shit is getting so ridiculous that it makes me want to fly to Good ell's office and kill him with a dull butter knife.
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  • The worst part about this, that I haven't seen anybody else mention, its that it in effect cheapens the impact of actual malicious hits by making this hit somehow equivalent to those hits.

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  • Roger Goodell is not to blame. If you want to blame anybody blame all the ex players who are suiing the NFL for billions. They're the reason that the league is so ultra sensitive.

    Personally, I dont care about the "pussification" of the game. I dont enjoy the game any less today because they're trying to protect players then I did a decade ago. In fact, i cant understand why any fans would be against rules that protect the players we love.

    I thought it was very obviously against the rules and a penalty. I dont have any problem at all with that rule. I do think the fine is rather ridiculous, but honestly, I dont care because its not my money. And it most certainly does not ruin the NFL for me.
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  • Gentlemen... the NFL are in ass-saving mode. The media are ripe for the concussion issue, they've got THAT ball and are running with it. The media gets their story and the NFL is on the hook for billions in lawsuits from past, current and future players, their families and ancestors. Football concussion long-term effects is an ambulance chasers wet dream, likewise for class action lawyers. One way for the league to mitigate damages is for them to "get tough" on plays that might be considered blows to the head.

    It's all about mitigating damages, and Earl is in the damage path.

    Bullshit call, bullshit fine, bullshit rule.
    Journalism is dead, it's been replaced by creative writing aka fake news.
    Critical thinking is pretty much dead too. I miss the hearsay rule.
    The concept of "ethic" has been stripped from the Journalism curriculum.
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  • There was no mallice and contact was eventually incidental due to the impossibility to alter direction while player was still in the air. I am just dumbfounded by the decision to fine.

    The even more disturbing thing is that in the NFL's little fiefdom they are the judge, jury, and executioner. There is no equitable means to try and present an appeal. Once that hammer falls you better get the checkbook ready.

    The NFL is testing my fandom... To be continued...
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  • FlyingGreg wrote:NFL is really heading towards a big, big fall.

    The continued "pussification" of the game, ungodly expensive game tickets/concessions/parking, over priced merchandise . . .

    Goodell is the worst thing to happen to the league in a long, long time. He's a joke.

    This is why my hours of watching NFL games this year has been cut in half. I'm starting not to give a crap anymore.
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  • rastahawk wrote:There was no mallice and contact was eventually incidental due to the impossibility to alter direction while player was still in the air. I am just dumbfounded by the decision to fine.

    at what point does the QB assume some responsibility in avoiding injuries?

    its a joke they can hang in there and even move towards the impending doom, fall down and flop like salmon then when the flag comes out they're suddenly all better..

    what a joke this is becoming
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • Bakergirl wrote:The sad thing is Earl could have spent twice the money and just kicked Tannehill in the junk to get him to drop the ball. That is the joke that has become the penalty and fine system in the NFL.

    He totally should've!
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  • I've actually leaned more toward Goodell for cracking down on dirty hits, but this defies all logic and the intent of the parameters, IMO.
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  • Aros wrote:This bullshit is making it exponentially more and more difficult to watch and support the NFL anymore. Not just because this happened to one of our guys, but anyone in the NFL.

    Let's just call it the NFFL (National Flag Football League) and be done with it.


    This is where I'm getting to be. It seems like the NFL singles out those teams and players that aren't on the "money" teams and the NFL is looking more and more like a sham.
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  • Was watching All Access and they had a great shot of the "hit." Absolute BS, and the fact that the NFL fined him for it? Beyond BS! Pathetic.
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