First Auction-Style Fantasy Draft(Thoughts?)

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  • This was my first attempt every and a Auction style draft in a public yahoo league. 12 teams $200 budget. I feel I may have over spent early cause me to hold back during the middle of the draft, but don't feel to horribly bad about how it went. WR is with out a doubt a strength.

    QB- Matt Schaub, Carson Palmer
    RB- DeAngelo Williams, Thomas Jones, C.J. Spiller, Justin Forsett
    WR- Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Jerricho Cotchery, Mike Williams
    TE- Owen Daniels, John Carlson
    K- Jeff Reed
    DEF- Philadelphia

    (7)Larry Fitzgerald($31)
    (12)DeAngelo Williams($37)
    (14)Andre Johnson($42)
    (17)Matt Schaub($20)
    (19)Randy Moss($31)
    (73)Carson Palmer($3)
    (80)Thomas Jones($5)
    (91)C.J. Spiller($10)
    (113)Owen Daniels($6)
    (127)Justin Forsett($3)
    (134)Jerricho Cotchery($1)
    (139)John Carlson($1)
    (144)Mike Williams($1)
    (147)Jeff Reed($1)
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  • Have to say that's pretty nice across the board.
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  • Considering I paid $48 for Andre Johnson and $20 for C.J. Spiller in my auction draft, I'd say you did pretty well. :)
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  • Yeah I'd say you hit a home run. This is a great year to have top-tier WR because I think there's a bigger dropoff in WR talent. I would be very happy with Johnson-Moss-Fitz almost without looking at the rest of the roster.
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  • Thanks all for the feedback. :) I was a bit tentative about having a draft this way but I enjoyed it, and will probably do it again next year. But it sure does take longer than the other live draft... I did three drafts today this one at 9am one at 10 and one at 11.. We were about to round 10 or so into the 11am one by the time this one finished.

    Also I agree about the WR's this year. I tend to draft based on an average of points scored over the past seasons so guys who have breakout years and rookies I tend to shy away from. That said my board had two WR at 200+ pts(Fitz and Andre), eight RB's 200+(Williams and Jones of them), and 19 QB's at 200+. If Thomas Jones continues to be the solid runner he's been the last 5-6 years include changing teams from CHI to NYJ I think I could have a solid RB group as well.
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